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Did I Sabotage Him?

One of my favorite memories from last summer, is when our family went blueberry picking together. As we filled our buckets, my TBP ran between us stealing berries and looking for snakes and bugs. It couldn’t have been a more perfect setting as the sun set on the mountain that towers above blueberry farm.  We enjoyed … Continue reading

Almost Wordless Wednesay-The Ocean Edition

For me, it really isn’t summer until there is a trip to the ocean.  That is why I was so excited to go last weekend!  Although I am still doing laundry, it was everything that I wanted! Because my son likes a certain level of comfort and predictability when we leave home, we try to get the same rental … Continue reading

A Quick and Easy Trip Away?

Over the weekend, we went to the mountains.  My parents own a time shared condominium, so we make this trip a couple of times during the year.  Because of work responsibilities, we decided to leave Saturday morning.  We avoided the Friday night traffic and still had our Friday Family Movie Night tradition.  We should have been able to pack a lot less since it … Continue reading

Take A Look At Me Now

Over the weekend, we joined my parents on a trip to the mountains.  My parents have owned this time-shared condo for 35 years.  Through the years, the purpose of the condo has evolved.  When we were young, the trips were geared towards family hikes and swimming.  As teenagers, my sister and I brought friends for the weekends.  Even in the middle of … Continue reading

The Santa Experience

Over the years, there are certain traditions that we adjust in order to make the holiday season more comfortable for my son.  We do most of our shopping online and drive by the holiday parade instead of standing with the crowd.  We purposely do not over schedule our weekends and stick to a normal routine during … Continue reading

When Can He Come to his Senses?

The day after Halloween, we had a family birthday.  I asked my son if he wanted to attend this lunch and he was adamant that he wanted to go.  I made sure to explain that it was lunch in a “fancy” restaurant and gave him plenty of opportunities to bow out.  “I really want to … Continue reading

Almost Wordless Wednesday-Pumpkin Patch Style

On our third attempt to the pumpkin patch, we finally made it.  We didn’t go to our favorite location due to my mother’s femur injury.  Instead, we picked a local nursery that had U-pick pumpkins and a tractor-pulled hay ride.  We were lucky that we had a break in the rainy weather and actually saw … Continue reading