A Quick and Easy Trip Away?

Over the weekend, we went to the mountains.  My parents own a time shared condominium, so we make this trip a couple of times during the year.  Because of work responsibilities, we decided to leave Saturday morning.  We avoided the Friday night traffic and still had our Friday Family Movie Night tradition.  We should have been able to pack a lot less since it was only one night!  You would think so, but no such luck.

In order for us to have adult conversations and any chance at a bit of relaxing, we brought the laptop for my son.  I know!  I know!  I hear the judgments about going screen free when you have this opportunity for fresh air and exploring in the woods.  My reasoning was…this was my trip away too 🙂

We brought the two dog carriers and the baby gate to avoid the beloved family members from escaping.

We brought more than enough clothes for all of those “what if” scenarios.  What if it is hotter than expected?  What if it is cooler than usual?  What if we spill food on ourselves?

In addition to the clothes, my son’s dairy allergy and constant hunger requires extra food and a cooler.  We have learned, that the bag of food must be within arms reach if we don’t want to stop along the way.

We brought our own towels because the provided towels force you to make tough decisions about what body parts get coverage and which ones do not.

We love to play board games and we never know which ones we will “feel like” so bringing just one is out of the question.

We all have medicines that we take and in addition, we always take the “what if” medicines too…fever, vomiting, pain relief, upset stomach, etc.

Finally, we have our bedtime “must haves”…his pillow, his sketch pad, his book, his “pinchy” coat and his relaxing music.

Sometimes, I envy people who can hop in their car and slip away over night with a single tote.  Honestly, that isn’t me.  Maybe it is also the two dogs and  the fact that my TBP likes his things from home to be near him.

PS  In all fairness, I think all the packing really helped.  My son was occupied enough in the condo and enjoyed swimming and taking the dogs on walks in the woods 🙂

8 thoughts on “A Quick and Easy Trip Away?

    • Cori-
      Isn’t that frustrating! I always think that a shorter trip will mean less “stuff” but that isn’t the case.
      I have to say that although the packing and laundry is a bit of a pain, it is nice to get away from home and the long “to do” list.
      Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

  1. Sounds like our life – so hard when you need a break and taking a break is so much work ! Glad you had a good time. How lucky you are to have that opportunity !

    • Rachel-
      Thank you for the visit and the comments!
      Although it is work, I’m usually glad that we did it. I hope you come back and visit again 🙂

  2. Those short trips are also a perfect opportunity to have your son create his own packing list. It will teach him to use forethought and how to plan effectively. Having him pack it himself…and have to carry it by himself…will teach him how to economize by being efficient. You will also be able to go over his list and explain the needs vs the wants (needs first…his wants prioritized).

    I like to take far more than we think we can use just in case. I think being prepared is far more important than traveling light. Besides, the extra things may be kept in the car as an emergency backup.

    I think you did the right thing in being prepared.

    • Shiroi,
      The packing list is a great idea. We have tried it before but honestly, haven’t been as consistent as we should.

      He is now a perfect age to write his own list and start the planning a few days ahead.

      Thank you again, for your great ideas and support!

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