Roaming School Saturday

As part of our homeschooling experience, we try to use weekend getaways as a way to extend the learning that takes place during the week.  For example, to go with our Washington State unit, we decided to travel East and see how the apples that we tasted earlier in the week (we did a blind taste test) were actually grown.

It was a gorgeous day and the car ride seemed like a great idea.

We were able to point out the rivers and mountains that we had studied on our wall map.  The different trees and colors of the land, clearly demonstrated the different land and weather conditions.

Originally when we left our home, we had a farther destination in mind; however, we came to a compromise when the trip seemed to go on longer than expected.  The point of the lesson was to see a different part of the state, observe some of those differences, and experience an apple orchard or two.

We did all of this today.

I have attached some of the pictures that showed our roaming adventure.






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