September Mondays

Last night, we enjoyed Sunday S’mores.

As we sat in our chairs under the white twinkle tree lights, we stared at the flames while also keeping a close eye on our toasting marshmallows. There were fewer words tonight and more thinking.

This seemed to be our goodbye to summer.

We had beautiful weather over the weekend, but the shorter days and the cooler evenings proved again that it is back to business.

In addition to math and science, we experienced a lot this summer.

We learned that reading can be fun when you select your own books.

We learned that when you grow your own tomatoes, they have a prickly surprise on the underside.

We learned that patience and observation and questions can teach us more than expected.

We learned that popsicles can make a nature show go by faster or a challenging math problem more tolerable.

We learned that it’s important to say “I’m sorry” and “I love you” and that life is precious.

Today, we added Washington State history to our schedule and we reduced the gaming time.

He was fully aware of the additional work. Not so aware of today’s reduction.

It seems strange to be simultaneously writing, doing laundry, and watching my son create a video on his computer…on a September Monday.

It seems strange to watch my son calm, confident, and happy on a September Monday.

I think this will work out fine.





5 thoughts on “September Mondays

  1. It will remind you of school a lot too. Sometimes you’ll get SO much MORE accomplished at home, but you’ll also have those days where you feel you got NOTHING accomplished. The good news is- no standardized testing at the end and your job as a parent won’t depend upon those bad days like it does as a teacher. Ah….relax and have fun!

    • Yesterday, we started our state history work and then later saw trucks filled with the very products that we discussed. It brought the lesson to life.

      I’m far more aware of the lessons in our neighborhood and daily life.

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