Express Myself


I would be lying if I said that homeschooling took away all the frustrations.

It is better… SO much better because of the breaks and the reduction of noise and crowds.  He can eat and use the restroom when he needs to and he isn’t bumped by students in a narrow hall or busy lunchroom.  We can try to balance the day with those subjects that are interesting with those that are mandatory.  On most days, we seem to have more success, if we allow a bit of computer time before breakfast and the school work begins; however, this can bite us if we let the computer time go on too long and he is “too tired to do the boring school work.”

Homeschooling makes our days so much better, but it isn’t perfect.

In his attempt to justify using the least offensive swear words, he has explained that he is a “sensitive boy who needs to find ways to express himself.”  I understand that sometimes nothing fits better than a curse word when you stub your toe, fall on the stairs, or your computer crashes in the middle of a game.

I get it.  I’m not a saint and have used a few colorful words when I felt out of control.

I appreciate his desire to find ways to express himself.  I want to encourage painting or writing or drawing or photography, not profanity.

As a way to help him with this, we went on a photography field trip.  I have included some of his work that he did independently.

The last one is my favorite.  I think it shows that it’s okay to stand out and be noticed among the others.






7 thoughts on “Express Myself

  1. I’m with you on homeschooling not being perfect either. I’ve got a good little negotiator and school is not the idyllic thing people imagine. When I start to doubt myself, I visit with a friend whose child is in a great charter school that she carefully selected and she is also balancing her satisfaction with frustrations.

    So neat seeing the world through your son’s eyes!

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