Writing in Whidbey


This Friday and Saturday, my family went to Whidbey Island.  The purpose of the trip was a Writer’s Convention that I was attending.

I was nervous and intimidated and didn’t feel as though I belonged with the “real” writers.

As we found the registration, I reluctantly walked in by myself and saw all the people.  To me, they appeared to all know each other.  Momentarily, I felt like a new kid starting school on the first day.  I doubted my choice of clothes and the material that I brought to have critiqued.

After meeting the first volunteer, my anxiety began to dwindle.  She was so friendly and helpful.  Each person was truly nicer than the next!

I looked like a newbie.  I stood out like a tourist in a foreign country!

I was trying to figure out my schedule of classes.  I remember that I used to feel that same way when scheduling at college.  Filling my schedule with challenging enough classes, but not overloading myself with a tight schedule that required me to run from one side of campus to the other.

After developing my day of classes and critiques, we found our beach house rental and enjoyed the surprisingly beautiful day.

We read books, played games, and enjoyed the gorgeous views from our temporary backyard.  I could get used to this island life!

Saturday, was an amazing experience.  To be with a group of talented writer’s, generous with their time and knowledge, was inspiring.  I chose not to let intimidation freeze me and take over the day.  I stepped out there and introduced myself to many.  The thrill was when some of them knew my work from the blog or Twitter.  They knew me?!

The afternoon was filled with sharing.  Sharing of work.  Sharing of contacts.  Sharing of thoughts and compliments.  Suggestions that made you better instead of keeping you in your inexperienced place.

The highlight of the day was sharing my work with an agent.  She wants to see more and learn more. I was told that is a good sign, we will see!

Cross your fingers!

I have included some pictures of our weekend and am already excited to go back next year!






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