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The Familiar Getaway

My parents have a time-shared condominium that we visit three or four times a year.  My family has made the familiar drive up north, for over thirty-five years.  I have taken middle school friends, then high school friends and college roomies for the weekend and now, my own family enjoys this getaway.  The family dogs, … Continue reading

5 “Must Dos” the First Days of Summer

Summer vacation is just around the corner for our family. I’m excited, but there’s some work that needs to be done to make this a successful summertime. 1. Allow for one or two lazy home days If my son was responsible for planning our summer, there would be movies in the middle of the day and endless amounts of … Continue reading

Quiet Sunday Before School Monday

Today is the last day of Mid-winter vacation.  By most people’s standards, we did very little during this break; however, I consider it a great success! If you read often, you know that school takes a great deal of energy out of my TBP despite his high IQ.  He enjoys down time at home playing and researching … Continue reading

Take A Look At Me Now

Over the weekend, we joined my parents on a trip to the mountains.  My parents have owned this time-shared condo for 35 years.  Through the years, the purpose of the condo has evolved.  When we were young, the trips were geared towards family hikes and swimming.  As teenagers, my sister and I brought friends for the weekends.  Even in the middle of … Continue reading

Warmth, Crowds & King Tut…Don’t Equal a Happy Boy!

Several months ago we bought tickets to go to the King Tut exhibit.  We were thrilled to share such an amazing learning opportunity with our son.  We decided to wait several months  before going so that it wouldn’t be crowded.  Apparently, we didn’t wait long enough because it was crowded.  Really crowded.  We were met with a line of … Continue reading