Quiet Sunday Before School Monday

Today is the last day of Mid-winter vacation.  By most people’s standards, we did very little during this break; however, I consider it a great success!

If you read often, you know that school takes a great deal of energy out of my TBP despite his high IQ.  He enjoys down time at home playing and researching new strategies and sites for Minecraft.  Although we did take a trip to the mountains with my family, most days were spent at home.  Each day, we read (currently Roald Dahl’s books The BFG and The Magic Finger) and did a bit of math (Life of Fred Series or practice on the IXL site).  We had a relaxed schedule that didn’t demand the use of our visual timer or multiple reminders.

“I wish that it was Summer Vacation!”

Here it comes…

I remind him that he is doing well at school and that he enjoys seeing friends at recess and lunch.  I remind him that his teacher is happy with all of his progress and that we are very proud of his good work at school.

“I would easily give that up to stay home with you!”

I won’t lie…There is a piece of me that loves his desire to be home and with family.  Things are easy for him right here.

Someday, I expect that friends will trump “Family Movie Night.”  That’s how it is supposed to be and I know it.

On this day, we spend it together in comfy clothes and doing some favorite things…playing video games, building with Legos and laying in bed reading together.  During this time, we stop often since he asks questions that come to his mind suddenly.  Although these thoughts pull us away from our book, they are at the heart of some of my favorite moments with my son.

Someday, when he is considering his own parenting decisions and philosophy, I hope that he looks back and remembers these joyous quiet days the way that I do! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Quiet Sunday Before School Monday

  1. His statement that he wants to stay at home with you is a testament to a great relationship with your son. You are doing a great job! Thanks for the wonderful post:-)

    • Wendi-you have no idea how much I appreciate the support and thoughtful comments ! We are in a really good place right now…let’s see if I can say that after Wednesday when we take another shot at a dentist appointment 😉

  2. You are doing far more for him than you realize. You warm and loving moments with him will not only be remembered…they will serve as a template for his relationship with his children. That is an education he simply cannot get in any school.

  3. I’m sure he’s going to look back on those moments and remember them even better than you can imagine. Giving him the gift of “quiet” is one of the greatest gifts ever, holding its own right up there with “time” 🙂

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