Vacation with Mine


Today, we returned home from a quick vacation.  For Spring Break, we decided that we would visit a resort that is about an hour away.  This is a favorite location because of the short distance and a place of known successes.  Instead of staying in the lodge, we decided to rent one of the homes.  It was gorgeous and spacious and one of those places that inspires you to buy lottery tickets.


Like the strange combination of snow on the nearby hills and the warmth of the sun through the sunroof, our vacation was also a mix of warm and relaxing and sharp and cold.

We expect total fun.  Total relaxation.  Total enjoyment.  Sometimes, we forget. Haven’t we been on family vacations before?

Is it the same as child-birth?  After a while, you forget about the pain?

Even I sometimes forget that my son doesn’t like the same things that other kids enjoy.  As we drive through the resort, I see kids riding bikes. Mine can’t.

I look out and watch kids playing in the grass; mine quickly asks after we just arrived at the park, when can we leave.

I watch him smile as he sees kids running and playing around outside the resort.  He is a bit interested; but as far as going out, mine won’t.

I don’t know why I expect his tolerance to be any different on vacation. I don’t know why I expect his idiosyncrasies to be diluted.

I guess that I expect that vacation relaxation to rub off onto him.  Onto his…

sun- sensitive eyes

overly-sensitive bare feet

pale, soft body

Too cold.  Too hot.  Too tired.  Too bored.

He is most comfortable in front of a computer screen, even in a gorgeous resort and our rented palace that he claims to enjoy.

The warm comforting times are always there, between the uncomfortable moments. It took a bit of convincing, but we did enjoy our playful family swims, hot tub soaking, chess playing, archery practicing, Lego battling times.


The nature walk and trip for hot drinks, that needed coaxing.  The rainy dog walk that turned into a pine cone hunt, required bribery.  The visit to the coal mining museum, only happened after a reminder that this vacation should suit everyone.  Plus, it did go nicely with my social studies curriculum.


He can usually admit after the fact, that our requests are reasonable and not as painful as he previously predicated.  But sometimes, the bargaining is so tiring.

When we returned home today, my son was giddy to see his computer again.  He acted as if he was being reunited with a long lost relative.

All in all, I would say it was a successful trip.






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