I Already Miss You, February Break!

So here I sit. It is the last day before school and work and normal life begins again.

I really don’t know how I feel about using the word “normal” since things have been such an emotional roller coaster for so long.

Here’s what I do know, we had a great vacation where we experienced a balance of stay home days with going out of the house together.  My son and I both stepped far outside of our comfort zones, doing things that took real courage.  For my son, that was taking a chance on a bouncy house adventure that had previously caused great stress.  For me, that meant exposing myself by reading one of my more personal pieces during an audition for the Listen To Your Mother show.  I already wrote about the bouncy house and the audition, well…that experience will be shared at a later date.

In addition to these adventures, we went to the Lego Movie.  It really was better than I expected, but it was quite a sensory overloaded experience for my son and for me too.  The theme song was so catchy that I unconsciously sang it for days.  Not the whole song, but that oh-so addicting chorus over and over and over.

When I look at Facebook, I see pictures of exciting travels to exotic and warm places that took place for many friends and their friends.  The photos look gorgeous and the drinks with the little umbrellas look so enticing, but I have to say…I loved my week off and it was just what we needed.

We could breathe.  We could have a slower paced morning.  We could go for walks together.  We could talk and play and take the time to use our imagination.

I wished that today would slow down.  I know that shortly after dinner the “I hate school” talk will start-up and continue way past his regular bedtime.  I have already started to remind him that tomorrow is school and a few grumblings began.

I am enjoying the last couple of hours before I take a big breath and embark on the week.

Wish me luck!

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