Finish Line?

After a long wait, I finally start my adjusted work schedule this week.  This change is an attempt to better balance my professional desires with my family’s needs.

I am both excited and nervous.  I know that I need to focus on having a positive outlook, but I am worried that if this shift in schedule doesn’t help…what then?

We have been on a continuous quest, searching for answers to our questions.  We are finding out more about the importance of addressing his executive functioning issues.  We are learning and trying to implement strategies to deal with his worries and anxieties.  We are learning more about what it means to home school part of the time and what we don’t have to worry about anymore. We are trying to protect him and encourage him, while still providing his safe place.

I met with the school district officials yesterday.  I left hopeful, but I have had meetings like these before and then the follow through and the actions don’t materialize.  I have a feeling that this time will be different since they are presenting new possibilities and trying to think outside of the box. I think it might have left an impression when I totally became a crazy person during our previous phone call.

I also think that my threats of legal action might have been just the match that finally lit the fire under their very slow-moving butts.

I hate that it took that much and that long for them to think about alternatives, but if it works…I will take it.

The arrival of March came with the third grade finish line in sight and for that we are grateful!

As always, I will keep you updated and if you have any suggestions, please let me know.  I have learned so much from many of you!


6 thoughts on “Finish Line?

  1. I think you mentioned the book in an earlier post but try Smart but Scattered which is a book on Executive Functioning. Best of luck with your new week! I completely understand your worries..

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