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Finish Line?

After a long wait, I finally start my adjusted work schedule this week.  This change is an attempt to better balance my professional desires with my family’s needs. I am both excited and nervous.  I know that I need to focus on having a positive outlook, but I am worried that if this shift in … Continue reading

Scuffed Up Shoes

Last Sunday, I sent an email to six different key players that are part of my son’s education.  In the email, I shared results from an assessment called the BRIEF and new information that I had gained from Dr. Dan Peter’s book.  Combined, I felt like both of these pieces of information would help explain … Continue reading

Executive What?!

On Thursday, I was hit by lightning! Not really, but it felt like that!  I was in the right place, at the right time, with the right person. Currently, my school has a substitute psychologist who is only working with us temporarily.  Although I don’t know her well, it is clear that she is intelligent, experienced … Continue reading