I have decided that I am completely tired of myself.

I am tired of focusing on the struggles.  I am tired of focusing on other people’s ineffectiveness.  I am tired of the stress, anxiety and worry.

I am tired.

So, I have decided that for today…I will think about the good and the positives.

I am happy that the morning was much better than it has been in a long time.

I am happy that I picked up my son at lunch and heard that he had a good day.

I am happy that since we have been home, I have seen more of his smiles.

I am happy that I could hear about his day before the tiredness colors even the highlights of the day with grayness.

I am a control freak; I know that about myself and so it drives me a bit crazy that we can’t plan and assume that tomorrow will be the same…good.  We are still figuring out this new schedule and what his mornings at school will include.  We are still figuring out how to have social interaction and consideration of his gifts into his day.

I am happy that they are working to improve this long and dreadful situation.

Another “happy” is a bit off topic, but it has been helpful.  I learned from a  Facebook friend about a green supplement that has made a difference for me.  My favorite is the citrus flavored greens and I was surprised at the taste. I usually hate stuff like that, but this was good….really!  I needed something that made a difference beside just adding more and more shots to my already caffeinated coffee.  If you are interested, check out http://KellyHirt.sharewraps.com.  I wasn’t paid to taste and review, but I did receive some samples that I enjoyed it enough that I ordered my own.

How do you focus on your happy?

4 thoughts on “Happy

  1. How do I focus on the happy?

    Crikey, By not focussing on the bad stuff, well more or less…

    Look for good, when all you can see is bad, and if all else fails just remain out of control and be happy!

  2. Meh lists. They are evil creations designed to show you just how much you didn’t achieve. When I’m tired and grumpy, sometimes it is worth the effort to go for a walk – sometimes by myself with some groovy tunes and others with the kids. Takes the pressure off. Or play board games – because life is too short not to. 🙂

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