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I have decided that I am completely tired of myself. I am tired of focusing on the struggles.  I am tired of focusing on other people’s ineffectiveness.  I am tired of the stress, anxiety and worry. I am tired. So, I have decided that for today…I will think about the good and the positives. I … Continue reading

You Aren’t a DICKtator!

Sometimes the pen is mightier than the sword.  At least, I am telling myself this as I sit here fuming about an email that came from my son’s school principal. Let me back up… Over a week ago, we sent an email to the key players at my son school; this included the Director of … Continue reading

Change is Gonna Come!

Many of you know about the struggles that we are having with my son’s school. Let me be clear, the staff at his school are not bad people. “Bad people” don’t dedicate their lives to helping kids. They are probably really good with the majority of kids, the typical kids.  I imagine, that they are … Continue reading

Scuffed Up Shoes

Last Sunday, I sent an email to six different key players that are part of my son’s education.  In the email, I shared results from an assessment called the BRIEF and new information that I had gained from Dr. Dan Peter’s book.  Combined, I felt like both of these pieces of information would help explain … Continue reading

Worry…Another Piece of the Puzzle

We had another morning filled with worry and anxiety about school. He didn’t want to go, but we talked about it and I thought it was going to be a smoother morning.  He seemed to understand that it was important for him to go and to keep going, as we continue to work to make … Continue reading

Executive What?!

On Thursday, I was hit by lightning! Not really, but it felt like that!  I was in the right place, at the right time, with the right person. Currently, my school has a substitute psychologist who is only working with us temporarily.  Although I don’t know her well, it is clear that she is intelligent, experienced … Continue reading