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My Bouncing Boy

It had been a long time since our last visit to the  bouncy house.  So long, that I had forgotten the reasons behind the long absence…until today. When I brought up the idea of the bouncy house, it was a no.  He said that it was loud, crowded and not a good place for a … Continue reading

I Was Going to…

Today, I was going to write about a stupid jealously that I was experiencing yesterday. I was going to start by explaining that in the grand scheme of all things, my pity party for one was over something so small and so truly unimportant… it was about Super Bowl Sunday. I know that the Super … Continue reading

I Think My Son’s A Jedi Knight

We are big fans of Star Wars.  We used to have long discussions about which Episode was our favorite. After many debates, we decided that Episode 3 was truly the best. That was the one that showed the transformation from Anakin to Darth Vader. My TBP used to share Star Wars facts so often, that … Continue reading

Tooth Tunes and Dum Dum-What a Pair!

If you are a regular reader, my TBP’s sensory issues are well-known to you.  The stories of leaving restaurants because of strong smells. Quickly exiting movies because of the loudness. Tantrums with various doctor and dentist appointments.  You have read them all! Your suggestions and support have been so powerful that I am going to … Continue reading

It’s Here-I Dread it!

I knew this day would come and now I dread it! It is the return to school after the extended winter vacation. Throughout vacation, I tried to think of ways to tackle that first Monday morning get up. We returned to the regular bedtime.  We started reading more and playing less. We talked about school.  He … Continue reading

Way Too Much!

The build up!  The count down! I can’t wait!  It is going to be awesome! We knew that we had the perfect surprise gift for him.  We knew that he would love the extra-large monitor for his computer!  We couldn’t wait to see his face! He talked about the Nerf gun fight that we would … Continue reading

How Long?

I have an important question… How long? How long will you tolerate less than acceptable for you child? How long will you allow excuses and promises that haven’t been delivered? How long will you ignore situations that eat at you, leaving a bad taste in your mouth? How long will you go against your better judgment? … Continue reading

Adjusted Traditions

Today marks the beginning of the holiday season.  With this, I begin to think of ways to adjust my expectations to match our reality. A favorite tradition has always been looking at the holiday lights as we drive through our neighborhood.  In my mind, we are bundled up in the car with hot chocolate and … Continue reading

The Outsiders

The Outsiders, they just don’t know him. They misunderstand his sensitivities. They don’t hear his worries and anxieties. They miss his imagination and sense of humor. They overlook his talents. They doubt his potential. When you have a kid like mine and he is in the presence of  The Outsiders, he builds a wall to … Continue reading

Holiday Censorship

Although I am not a fan of censorship, I do believe it is necessary in order to survive the upcoming holidays! With Thanksgiving and Christmas quickly approaching, I have already imagined things that I don’t want my son to say when family comes to visit or when we are in the middle of a holiday meal. … Continue reading