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Can You Really Ruin Minecraft?

  A few months ago, we were super excited to learn about a new Minecraft modding class. Five sessions, close to home, with a maximum of ten kids and three classroom teachers-it sounded perfect. We jumped on it the first day of registration when My TBP showed enthusiasm. “Minecraft and modding?! Of course!” Secretly, I … Continue reading


I don’t know if it’s the same with other families, in other houses, but we’re still in the process of returning to normal. We haven’t completely returned to a full homeschooling day. Instead, we make progress toward more. We still find ourselves feeling the loss of Stella. We expect her in the kitchen and near … Continue reading

Merry Christmas, Dear Readers

It’s here. We pulled the last ornament out of the final pocket. It’s Christmas Eve. We had a favorite person come over and we enjoyed good food. There were Nerf gun wars and video games and presents exchanged. It was a special day. In the early evening, my son opened his Christmas Eve box. This … Continue reading

Mole Monday

I ‘m bracing myself for an interesting day. A Mole Monday type of day. The Monday after Halloween-filled with more sugar than normal and overloaded senses will be an interesting day. Our Halloween weather was terrible with wind and rain, so there was very little trick or treating. This didn’t feel like the Halloween he … Continue reading

I Continue

I’m here today. It’s been too long since I’ve sat down to do this, but I’m determine to post something today before we slide past jack-o-lanterns and candy corn and are met with thankfulness and turkey. During the hardest days, before understanding 2e and making the decision to homeschool, there were weeks where I blogged … Continue reading

Lucky September

It is hard to believe that September is about to slip by. We’re back to homeschooling most days of the week and we are building back our stamina…especially for those less desirable activities. We are deep in our U.S. history studies. As a history major myself, I have to admit much of what we are … Continue reading

Add the Spice

I went to visit my mother today. It’s obvious she’s feeling better because she was upset to hear that Dancing With the Stars begins tomorrow and her tiny television at the rehab center doesn’t get that channel. Well, it gets it, but the reception is terrible and it breaks up while you watch. A few … Continue reading

The Arrival of September

I blinked and it turned into September. Actually, that’s not true. I was just holding my breath through the month of August and was shocked at September’s arrival. If you are a regular reader, you know that my mother had a serious accident. That’s an understatement. She had a be-in-a-trauma-hospital-for-thirty-five-days-and-almost-die-a-couple-of-times-accident. August was dreadful except for the … Continue reading

Summer Limbo

When you’re a teacher, this time of year means your summer is almost over. Your mind shifts to classroom set up and furniture configuration. You focus on research and strategies instead of  beach reads and swimming. Some teachers I know, thought about school throughout the summer months. They search Pinterest for science notebooking ideas instead … Continue reading

Science Stretch

I have a recent picture of my son as the background for my phone. He has the sweetest smile and calmness in his eyes. There’s a contentment that took a long time to return. He doesn’t show this side of him all the  time or with everyone. When I see it, it confirms that we’re … Continue reading