Add the Spice

I went to visit my mother today.

It’s obvious she’s feeling better because she was upset to hear that Dancing With the Stars begins tomorrow and her tiny television at the rehab center doesn’t get that channel. Well, it gets it, but the reception is terrible and it breaks up while you watch.

A few weeks ago, DWTS wouldn’t have been on our radar.

When I tell the story of my mother’s accident, people are horrified. It was horrifying.

My mother is determined and works hard each day. She walks more steps than the previous day.

Things are slowly returning to normal where my focus is planning and implementing the best homeschooling program I can for MyTBP.

I’ve been distracted and my planning has suffered. Yes, he’s reading daily  and we’re well into US History and Math; however, I haven’t planned the spice. The interesting science experiments, the trips to bring the learning alive, the fun part.

I’ve been too busy for the fun part which is a terrible thing to forget when you’re homeschooling.

This week, I hope to add the spice. After all, those of us with 2e kids know that leading with interests and our child’s strengths is key.

Have you started the school year yet? Have you added the spice?


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