Lucky September

It is hard to believe that September is about to slip by.

We’re back to homeschooling most days of the week and we are building back our stamina…especially for those less desirable activities.

We are deep in our U.S. history studies. As a history major myself, I have to admit much of what we are learning, he’ll probably forget. The different explorers and the specific countries that supported the quests. The years that the explorers took to the ocean and the lengths of their travels. We are focusing on the broader themes. What were they seeking? What were the hardships? The “why” behind the excursions.

We are progressing better than usual in math. I believe the mix of math programs we’re using this year have provided a nice balance of real life skills (money, time and measuring) with computation practice and problem solving keeps things fresh. 

We read daily, eat lunch together, go on walks, and talk a lot.

He’s starting to write again and draw for fun. I can’t remember the last time he drew for enjoyment.

Tonight we eagerly waited for the appearance of the Supermoon. We read and watched YouTube videos in preparation. We did experiments and took to the neighborhood park for a glimpse…along with many others.

We ended up leaving sooner than I would have liked. Sitting in the car staring at the sky lost its appeal when the eclipse didn’t change like the fast track video we had previously seen.

The fact that we homeschool allowed for this later night. The fact that we homeschool made this type of experience relevant to our family.

This September was not filled with disappointing emails, phone calls from school, tears and anxiety. I’m glad those Septembers are behind us.

I’m glad I still have the opportunity to meet my child’s academic and emotional needs, interests and work on the struggles with compassion.

I feel lucky this September.

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