The Arrival of September

I blinked and it turned into September. Actually, that’s not true. I was just holding my breath through the month of August and was shocked at September’s arrival.

If you are a regular reader, you know that my mother had a serious accident. That’s an understatement.

She had a be-in-a-trauma-hospital-for-thirty-five-days-and-almost-die-a-couple-of-times-accident. August was dreadful except for the fact that she lived-which of course was critically important.

There were many scary phone calls in August. There were tears and screaming and complete disbelief. There was praying and begging and fear of going to sleep not sure about the next hours.

I’m glad August is gone. It’s strange, as a classroom teacher, I usually love August. I want it to drag like molasses.

Not this one.

Since the coming of September, things have improved.

Mom is in rehab now getting stronger. She hates the food but she proves that she’s determined during her daily therapies.

I have returned to working outside of my home on Fridays. I am lucky for this teaching job share opportunity.

We are slowly increasing the work load for my now fifth grader. (Oh my! I can’t believe it!) We are back to reading twice a day for thirty minutes, doing a bit of math (which will increase after the Holiday weekend), U.S. History, some kind of daily exercise, and daily living chores. This will increase to include more geography, science and writing as we progress into September.

I don’t have to worry about technology or keyboarding with this one. He continues to impress me with his natural tech abilities.

We went on a drive through the country this afternoon. It was a calm, peaceful, yet colorful drive. I had a coffee in one hand and my family in the car with me. It felt like warmth. It felt like Fall.

Welcome September!


2 thoughts on “The Arrival of September

  1. I agree, I’m ready for fall. August felt like a whirlwind of too much. Too many commitments. Too much to do. Too much. Ugh.

    I’m really glad your mom is doing better. I’m sending good vibes for continued improvement!

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