Merry Christmas, Dear Readers


It’s here.

We pulled the last ornament out of the final pocket.

It’s Christmas Eve.

We had a favorite person come over and we enjoyed good food. There were Nerf gun wars and video games and presents exchanged. It was a special day.

In the early evening, my son opened his Christmas Eve box. This has been one of my favorite traditions.

He discovered new Zombie pajamas, comfy lounge pants, Minion movie, and soft giant gumdrops. Wearing jammies and watching a movie was a great way to end the day.

Although he knows there’s no Santa, there’s still so much excitement that sleep is hard tonight. There’s wrapping and other activities happening downstairs to make the morning magical.

As he was going to sleep, he told me he knew it wasn’t about the receiving but the giving. I appreciated that, but told him it was okay to be excited about tomorrow’s gifts.

After our tree is bare, we will go to my parent’s house for more food, more family, more excitement.

I have a feeling, tomorrow he’ll be tired. I told myself that we wouldn’t homeschool this week and I’m glad.

When all of the festivities are over, I expect some sadness. Each year he hates the idea that it will be so long before Christmas arrives again.

I try to explain that it all speeds up. It gets faster and faster, especially when you become a parent. I tell him that while he wishes for time to speed by, I wish for it to creep like molasses.

Merry Christmas, Dear Readers!


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