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Roaming School

It isn’t full homeschooling, but it certainly isn’t unschooling. Everyone knows that I’m way too uptight for that! We read and discuss great books We watch science shows, a heavy emphasis is on the animal life around us. We have math in books, math online, and math using jelly bellies and skittles. We build 3D … Continue reading

If I’m Being Honest…

While I was looking on Pinterest for science experiments that explored force and motion, I came across a surprise. There, was a picture of a school of little black fish going one way and a single one fish going the other way.  The caption said, “Do not conform.” I know that this particular pin was … Continue reading

Almost Wordless Wednesday-Spring Break Edition

It is Spring Break at our house.  In order to prevent unlimited hours of Minecraft, we have a schedule that my TBP and I agreed upon.  Leisurely mornings with playing and video games and then the focus shifts towards Science.  Below I am sharing pictures of our science experiments (including a Kitchen Science activity of making caramel popcorn) a bit … Continue reading

Warmth, Crowds & King Tut…Don’t Equal a Happy Boy!

Several months ago we bought tickets to go to the King Tut exhibit.  We were thrilled to share such an amazing learning opportunity with our son.  We decided to wait several months  before going so that it wouldn’t be crowded.  Apparently, we didn’t wait long enough because it was crowded.  Really crowded.  We were met with a line of … Continue reading