Roaming School

It isn’t full homeschooling, but it certainly isn’t unschooling.

Everyone knows that I’m way too uptight for that!

We read and discuss great books

We watch science shows, a heavy emphasis is on the animal life around us.

We have math in books, math online, and math using jelly bellies and skittles.

We build 3D structures with gummis, marshmallows & toothpicks, competing to see who is the best architect.

He discovered that 1/4 of a piece of licorice is an unfortunate choice when you could have picked 1/2 and you like those red Twizzlers.

We observe the garden growth and the way that the new netting keeps the birds from dancing among our vegetables.

We listen to different styles of music and have decided that we have definite opinions.

They might not be the educated opinions of experts, but we know that we are not particularly fond of some instruments…

like the banjo.

We do science experiments; today’s was about density.

We pour. We stir. We measure. We observe.

We wonder and question.

For me, the wondering and the questioning is the welcomed progress that I’m the happiest to see.

We visited a farm and learned more about those very animals after we returned from our roaming.

We visit various habitats, hoping to get a glimpse of the tenants. We talk about the positive and negative outcomes of mans’ hands on these spaces.

The trained teacher in me is sometimes too worried about lesson plans, unit goals, common core, student growth.

My mother heart is trying to trump my teacher head saying I can’t expect it all now, all in good time.

Yesterday, we found a program where we could take classes that spoke to our interests. We are considering an art class on Mondays.

We are looking for ways to make social connections. He craves it and seeks it from playing games online; this is okay until he is looking for someone to meet at the park or find an equally excited participant for that squirt gun fight.

There is learning going on every day and a rebuilding of his confidence and self-worth. For that, I am relieved that our roaming school is possible.









8 thoughts on “Roaming School

  1. Excellent! It all sounds like so much fun. And it hit me as I was reading…all through our kids’ childhood years I was doing all of this kind of thing with them at every opportunity. Partly because I’m a trained teacher, I suppose, but partly because it was just so much fun. So in effect they got a public school education and a homeschool education. What a surprise to realize that! 🙂 -Amy

  2. So many creative ideas I can use with my boys when they’re not learning IN school. Thanks! :). I especially love that tower making idea with the jellies and toothpicks. My sons would love doing that!

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