He Kept Going


With Memorial Day behind us, it is really starting to feel like summer.  I’m sure it helps when our weather cooperates and we have a stretch of gorgeous days.

Today, we decided to take advantage of one of those gorgeous days and travel to a local tide pool area.  We thought that getting my TBP a little sunshine would be a good thing and we could certainly count the trip as today’s scientific learning.  Habitats and animal adaptations has been a large part of our science since we started learning at home or…roaming to learn.

Before leaving the house, we made sure that he had a good breakfast, plenty of time to do a little gaming in the morning, and a fully charged iPad for the car.  We also watched a power point presentation that showed all the creatures we might encounter while visiting the tide pools.

Keeping in mind that my son’s sensory issues are still alive and kicking, we brought wipes for dirty hands after touching creatures and flip-flops if his shoes got too wet.  I forgot about the smell that first hits you in the face when you get out of the car.

He kept going and was clearly enjoying the close exploration that is required if you are going to see the tide pool creatures.

I turned around and saw him leaning down, way down, as he looked at the barnacles and sea anemones.

When we found chitons, feather duster worms, whelks, and crabs, we reluctantly touched them.  Each time it was okay, he was more comfortable touching them the next time.

His feet got wet, but he kept going.

It smelled, but he kept going.

After a fairly long time, he said that his feet hurt from the very rocky beach.  I could understand since mine hurt too; I was actually surprised that he lasted as long as he did.

We slowly made our way off the beach, but the whole time…he was still going.  He actually stopped talking about Minecraft and was talking about the interesting life that we had observed this morning.  Now this might not be noteworthy in other families but in ours…it is huge!

Once back in the car, the adults decided it was time for lunch.  As expected, he was ready to return home but was surprisingly flexible about this change in plans.

Maybe it was the promise of chips and salsa and lemonade that convinced him.

When we walked in one of our favorite restaurants, we immediately questioned our choice; it was loud and already crowded.  The adults looked at each other and with only our eyes, we were sharing our doubt that this location would work for myTBP after his senses had already been peaked with the fragrant sea-shore.

He said that he wanted to stay.

Once we got those words, we quickly ordered because the clock was ticking.

The music got louder and the people started pouring in.  Especially when the weather is nice, this is a popular spot because of its great food and the across the street from the beach location.

We drank lemonades and had a delicious lunch.  It was good; however, when the music was turned up and my son was done eating…that meant he was done.

Done right now.  Even if a meal can be enjoyed in a restaurant, it seems that we typically have to make a quick exit.

Once we were back in the car, we complimented myTBP for his willingness to have a great morning.  We talked about all that we saw while exploring and how appreciative that we could have a nice lunch out without having to go home and cook.

I have attached a few pictures of the morning…








10 thoughts on “He Kept Going

  1. What an amazing day! I’m so proud of him and happy for you that you were able to have such a fun time with him! And chips and salsa! MMM

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