I’m not a mathematician and I don’t really know what technically is considered a trend, but I think we have one.

I think we have an upward trend that I am excited to report.

As I report this trend, I feel as though I should throw salt over my shoulder, knock on wood, cross my fingers or something.  I don’t want to jinx this new trend but…

Here it goes!

We have had several excellent days in a row!  I’m talking about cooperation.  I’m talking about tolerating trips to the library to pick up books without complaining.  I’m talking about adding an unplanned trip to my favorite coffee drive through after getting gas because I know that if I don’t get a bit of caffeine, I will fall asleep before dinner.

Our morning nanny has also experienced this same trend.  More engagement during their time together.  More laughing and talking.

Here is the real kicker…I haven’t heard the words, “I’m bored” in three days.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is huge!

I’m not sure if it is the mild but sunny days or that he senses the calmer days of summer quickly approaching, but I like it.

I have a feeling that it could have to do with a more sophisticated game that he has been playing.  I was extremely hesitant to let him play, but I was fascinated with the dragons, trolls, and dragon language.  There is a lot more to this new game than those that he buys, tries, and then is disappointed by the simplicity of the game and graphics.

The struggle for my TBP is that he gets extremely bored, extremely quickly.  He has a low tolerance for games that don’t have multiple endings and he likes a worthy opponent.

In his words, “playing with a noob is a waste of time.”

Side note here…I am pretty sure that I have never said those words nor will I probably ever say those words.  I’m just not that competitive; however, my son likes the challenge of playing with someone a bit stronger than he is and someone he can learn from.

I really don’t care what it is, I love this new trend and hope that it will continue to grow exponentially.




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