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Can’t This Be A Stay Home Day?

If it was up to my son, we would rarely leave our house.  We might visit our neighborhood Starbucks, stop by the library, or walk around the block before ending up at the mailbox; however, additional destinations require prior planning and convincing. “Can’t this be a stay home day?” To be honest, I understand why he tries … Continue reading

He Kept Going

With Memorial Day behind us, it is really starting to feel like summer.  I’m sure it helps when our weather cooperates and we have a stretch of gorgeous days. Today, we decided to take advantage of one of those gorgeous days and travel to a local tide pool area.  We thought that getting my TBP a little … Continue reading

Almost Wordless Wednesday-Cousins’ Edition

As an only child, my son truly appreciates time with his cousins! Before the fireworks started on Fourth of July,  the kids enjoyed trying out a marshmallow challenge (thanks Jen from Laughing at Chaos), testing out some birthday gifts, and making their own bubble wands. When my TBP noticed that his structure wasn’t going well, he decided … Continue reading