Almost Wordless Wednesday-Cousins’ Edition

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As an only child, my son truly appreciates time with his cousins!

Before the fireworks started on Fourth of July,  the kids enjoyed trying out a marshmallow challenge (thanks Jen from Laughing at Chaos), testing out some birthday gifts, and making their own bubble wands.

When my TBP noticed that his structure wasn’t going well, he decided to cut his losses and eat his marshmallow instead. 🙂

It was a wonderful day!

2 thoughts on “Almost Wordless Wednesday-Cousins’ Edition

  1. The fun activities before…the anticipation of what is to come…food, relatives and friends…and fireworks to finish it off. It looks as though your son had a great time.
    My favorite picture is of your son walking with his cousins in the neighborhood. He seems to be engaged in a discussion and he is boldly stepping forward. A person does so when he has hope for his future (vs shorter hesitant steps with head down when filled with anxiety or pessimism). He seems very happy to be with them. I also like the bubble picture where your son has, what I imagine to be from his stance, a look of wonder and excitement on his face. I’ll bet he loves the ever changing shape, and the colors of the bubble as it moves…that, and the fascination of seeing the largest bubble (in a boy’s heart…bigger is better 🙂

    • Shiroi-
      Your gift of words and imagery never disappoints 🙂 your thoughtful comments always make me smile.

      It was a great day. He was so happy…until the booming fireworks were too much.

      He is maturing and turning into a you g man before my eyes!! 🙂

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