Almost Wordless Wednesday-Spring Break Edition

It is Spring Break at our house.  In order to prevent unlimited hours of Minecraft, we have a schedule that my TBP and I agreed upon.  Leisurely mornings with playing and video games and then the focus shifts towards Science.  Below I am sharing pictures of our science experiments (including a Kitchen Science activity of making caramel popcorn) a bit of Legos and a photo of Summer the Labradoodle.

Playing with the Putty

Playing with the Putty

Mentos and Diet Coke Geyser

005   010 013

What happens to Gummy Worms when you put them in water?  They get bigger 🙂

017 019 027

Legos and Sweet Summer

023 024 026

Kitchen Science-Caramel Popcorn

030 031 033 038

Balloon blown up from vinegar and baking soda reaction

041 042 043 044

Mini volcano eruptions

053 054 065 066

GAK mixture or Alien Goo?

069  072 075 077

Can you guess which Skittle you just ate?

078 079 080

2 thoughts on “Almost Wordless Wednesday-Spring Break Edition

  1. Looks like you’re having some fun downtime together!! He sure is growing up fast. My parents are here and they are learning about a Minnesota winter! Its just keeps snowing!

    • Carrie-he is growing up fast!! I can’t believe it and try to focus on the joy but sometimes I do get caught up in the frustration. In order to avoid that, we have found a happy balance to Spring Break!

      Enjoy the time with your parents!! I’m sure they are thrilled to see you and the kids 🙂

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