On This Day Last Year

Although it is hard to imagine, it is already New Year’s Eve. As with most people, I spend a great deal of time on this day reflecting about the year that we’ve just experienced.

On this same day last year, we were beyond worried about my son. School was no longer working for him and instead of being part of the solution, his particular school was part of the problem. I don’t believe that this was deliberate, but due to an old fashion definition of gifted children.

There were lots of fears and unknowns on this day last year. The nights were long and the mornings were filled with dread.

On this day last year, we didn’t know that homeschooling would make such a big difference. We didn’t know that he would benefit by having his dog nearby while he finished his math or that he would enjoy reading when he could select his own books.

We had no way or knowing that he would stay focused and determined to write a story that he would put on Amazon. Frequent breaks and snacks when hungry have changed his ability to learn and function through the day.

We know that we’re blessed that we were able to make a change for our son and our family. Today, we see the positive effects of our decision.

On this day last year, I wished for the opportunity to write and actually be paid for that work. I was less than half way done with my first manuscript and too obsessed with my son’s school struggles to focus on my story.

Today, I am happy to report that I have received checks for my writing. Now, I strive for more consistent checks arriving. My first book is completed and is being reviewed and I am well on my way to finishing a second book that I love and intend to publish.

On this day last year, I was scrutinizing over the selection of a word that was to motivate me for the year. A single word that was supposed to serve as my compass.

Today, I don’t remember the word that I chose. I recall that it had something to do with efficiency and organization. If I’m being honest, I forgot my “guiding word for the year” before I turned the calendar from January to February.

Today, I’m not selecting a 2015 word. Instead, I’m thinking of ways to focus my energy on the important things. My son, my family, writing, and making more time for fun.

Happy New Years to you! May it be more than you can imagine!


12 thoughts on “On This Day Last Year

  1. I was so happy to read this and see how well things are going. What a great turnaround year! And I don’t really have a word for 2015 either. I like your point on focusing your energy on what is important. More of an action than a word. Happy New Year!

  2. That’s so exciting to hear about your son. My son was also struggling with school. We tried homeschooling and it didn’t work for us – he wasn’t interested in listening to me. He saw it as a free pass. We decided to change schools and it has been such a HUGE difference. No more tears each morning, not getting out of bed, sadness… he loves it and goes each day with a smile on his face. Congrats to you!

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