Welcome 2015 Breakfast

In my world, tomorrow marks the last day of our holiday season. The stay up late season. The watch movies in your pjs season. The eat a bit more season  and the skip math today season.

It has been a great holiday with a nice balance of excitement and recovery time.

Monday marks the return to reality and I am prepared for a bit of pushback. Not just from my son, but also from me. Even though, I know we need it.

We created some new memories since welcoming 2015.

We went out to breakfast and enjoyed the most perfectly cooked Eggs Benedict’s. We chose Irish coffees to toast this family breakfast.

We had an adorable young waitress whose sparkly eyes and playful smile engaged my son. She recognized a game that my son played on his iPad. Apparently, she feels that her boyfriend chooses it over her and she was suggesting that in the years ahead, my son should choose the girl over the game.

He started out by barely peaking at her and nervously smiling when she brought him refills of his beverage. We explained that he needed to give her eye contact when she addressed him and he agreed that he would try when she returned. He laughed about the ridiculousness of taking the phrase “eye contact” seriously and demonstrated what that might look like in the land of cartoon violence.

When this pretty young thing returned with the check, he turned it up, full steam ahead.

Showing his big brown eyes and using his sweetest voice, he looked at her face and thanked her for the eggs.  She played along, laughing and then quietly saying, “Now that wasn’t coaxed, was it?”

Yes. Social coaching is still necessary, but it’s pretty effective.

Once the waitress left, we all laughed. His charm, although a bit overplayed, was a refreshing change. We laughed with him, not at him, and he stretched this laugh out and tried to continue his act.

Despite a brief moment of pain due to a mishap with a fruit skewer, the first breakfast out of 2015 was delicious.



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