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On This Day Last Year

Although it is hard to imagine, it is already New Year’s Eve. As with most people, I spend a great deal of time on this day reflecting about the year that we’ve just experienced. On this same day last year, we were beyond worried about my son. School was no longer working for him and … Continue reading

Announcing My 2014 Word!

You don’t have to look far to realize that today is all about new beginnings. You can see it while watching the tv commercials for Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig.  You can see it in the advertisements for the gym memberships or the exercise equipment.  You also see it while glancing through Facebook and Twitter. … Continue reading


When I stop and I think about 2014, it takes my breath away.  2014?  It sounds like a sci-fi movie. A lot happened in 2013, especially with my writing.  I attended my first writer’s conference, I wrote my first book review, and I was asked by others to share my writing. I walked into the … Continue reading

Resolution Time

We had a wonderful holiday season at our house.  We tried to balance excitement with a fair dose of recovery time.  I believe that this conscious attempt at balance, is the reason it was easier to return to school after vacation.  Because we talked about the “New Year”, there was some confusion and apparently my TBP expected … Continue reading