When I stop and I think about 2014, it takes my breath away.  2014?  It sounds like a sci-fi movie.

A lot happened in 2013, especially with my writing.  I attended my first writer’s conference, I wrote my first book review, and I was asked by others to share my writing.

I walked into the writer’s conference and people knew me from my site.  Not many, but a few. They said, “You are MyTBP?  I love your writing!”

That was cool.

I have plans for 2014…lots of them.  I am making steps toward those goals.

I don’t share these plans with many.  I think that I set myself up when I talk about it.  Instead of holding myself accountable, I think it invites doubt and judgment.  I want to stay focused on the achievements and quietly walk away from the failures, at least for a minute before I pick myself up and move forward.

As I quietly focus on plans for 2014, I want to share some of my favorite pictures from 2013.









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