The Birthday Party Report


After a long time in the waiting, today was party day!

All week, we cleaned and prepared for the Plants vs Zombies Extravaganza!  The house was decorated, the food was prepared, the cake was made, and the birthday boy asked ALL day when the guests would arrive!  Side note…remind me not to have a party in the late afternoon because the “how much longer ’til they get here” question for hours began to get on my nerves by lunch!

I was a bit concerned because we had a lot of emotions leading up to the guests arriving.  I know that he was a bit tired because he couldn’t go to bed on time the previous night; we are currently in a heat wave and his room was very toasty. Although he was clearly excited, I imagine that some of the emotions had to do with nerves and anxiety about hosting a party.

If you remember from previous posts, birthday parties do not usually go well for us.  The most successful one was last year with one VIP guest.  Because of this, I was nervous about 7 kids at this year’s event.  It may seem a bit like a set up to have such a larger party, but he was very determined about the guest list and although I don’t like it…he is growing up and needs to be pushed a bit past his comfort zone.

At the end of the day, I have to say that the party was a big success.  As expected, there were a few moments of chaos (who knew kids could turn anything into a sword or weapon) but, my son had a great day!  Throughout the good day, he had a few social highlights that actually turned heads.  A calm way of saying goodbye when a parent turned up early, a polite way of thanking someone for a Lego kit that he already had, and inviting someone to play at a later time during the summer.  Those that knew him best were impressed by his manners and ability to entertain so many kids that didn’t know each other.

I have included a few pictures to give you a sense of the afternoon 🙂

030  041 047  071 106 115 122

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