Calling Nanny McPhee!!

Okay working parents…I’m sure you understand the stress and anxiety when you hear that your nanny is leaving!  Yes…sigh…We are losing our nanny.

My son attended this nanny’s preschool and when class sizes dropped, she needed a new job.  The timing was perfect for us and there was little transition needed because she was a known (and loved) commodity.  Luckily, her recent departure has been amicable and we plan on having her babysitting.  We believe that this is important for our son that cares deeply about his significant adult relationships.

So now the desperate search for a…





-active and engaged

-must love dogs


This list of characteristics isn’t unusual, right?  Well…this was the list that I WANTED to put in the ad for the candidate, but I used some self-restraint and didn’t do it…yet.

Job Responsibilities:

-hold his hand when you walk him home

-really listen when he tells you the good and the bad parts of his day

-smile when you look at him or when you are helping him with his snack

-listen to his words that he reads from his chapter books

-help with his homework and expect quality work

-play legos and chess

-hold him accountable for cleaning up after himself or putting his laundry away correctly the first time

-laugh with him!

Bottom line is this…You must care, comfort, listen, support, play and protect like I would do for those two hours until I can be there.  It isn’t a long time, but I consider it a critical part of his day.  I will jump through hoops, wish on stars, pick up lone, stray pennies, and ask everyone I know to help me find someone to fill this very important role.

If you have ever seen the movie Nanny McPhee, you will understand the title that I selected.  For those that haven’t seen this lovely movie…the perfect person comes at the perfect time.  So…

Come on Nanny McPhee! We need you…NOW!

4 thoughts on “Calling Nanny McPhee!!

  1. And an important job it is! My son loves people because he has never really experienced evil in his life. His ABA therapists were all very caring and warm. He still loves and trusts adults because of the warm treatment he has always gotten from them. It is very important to a child to experience caring and warmth as this sets the tone for his image of his future…for his life. A warm view of the world will be one which will seem inviting…one which he will love to engage with…and learn from.

    A warm person who leads with true caring for your son will automatically fill the requirements…and more…naturally. She will always be on the lookout to do what is best for him…and monitor his emotions through his reactions…and give him loving responses. A woman with a high maternal instinct simply cannot be beat for the job.

    I am sure you will be able to identify her. Never settle for less than what your son deserves…the best.

  2. I hope you find Nanny McPhee! Your order isn’t unrealistic. It’s a wonderful request. I’m sure whomever you find will want to be with your son more than the two hours requested, as your warmth and kindness is contagious.

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