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Epiphany of the Many Hats

If you know me in real life, you know that I am completely devoted to my son.  When his school isn’t communicating or his teachers seem ineffective and uninformed, it makes me crazy.  Last year, was a great year.  I would have done ANYTHING to have his second grade teacher move to third grade; unfortunately, … Continue reading

Solution to the Nanny Crisis

After I learned that we were losing our nanny, I instantly started a quest to find the “perfect” person to watch my son after school. How hard could it be to find someone great for just a few hours each day?  My requests seemed reasonable. So I started my search for a… -responsible -smart -non-smoking -caring -active and engaged -clever … Continue reading

Calling Nanny McPhee!!

Okay working parents…I’m sure you understand the stress and anxiety when you hear that your nanny is leaving!  Yes…sigh…We are losing our nanny. My son attended this nanny’s preschool and when class sizes dropped, she needed a new job.  The timing was perfect for us and there was little transition needed because she was a … Continue reading

Green Shirt and Working Parents

Just after I posted “Mother Guilt,” we received an email from my TBP’s teacher announcing a slide show and portfolio celebration. Sigh…More guilt already? This soon? As a teacher, I understand the desire to share students work and achievements with the parent community. I am sure that this was the intent of the teacher when she … Continue reading