Reappearance of the Words

When my son was young, he realized the power of words. Early on in his love-everything-art stage, he used to label the items in his drawings.  He sat at his child size table and filled notebooks with creative stories. Sometimes, he didn’t use his power for good. I remember getting a phone call from my … Continue reading

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Lessons of the Weekend

It’s rare that I do something for me, just me; however, this weekend I did it. We packed up the Subaru, with my TBP and the two dogs, and we headed to an island rental house that would serve as home base while I attended writing classes. My writing was critiqued and my mind was … Continue reading

One of Those Days

Today, was just one of those days. It was one of those days where the dogs barking seemed louder and the house felt darker. It was one of those days where the laundry pile seemed taller and the incoming dirty dishes seemed continuous. It was one of those days where math was harder and Coastal … Continue reading

Curbing the Impulsivity

In between going to the pumpkin patch and our Friday Family Night Movie, I noticed a question that an obviously frustrated parent was asking on Twitter… When will my son STOP being so IMPULSIVE?? I felt sorry for this parent. I’ve been there. As a veteran teacher, I know that many kids struggle with impulsiveness … Continue reading

Damn You, Garbanzo Beans!

As some of you may know, my son has turned his back on all things meat. The fact that he is allergic to dairy and typically gluten free, adds another level of stress. Not really stress, just an additional consideration. At this point, he is asking a lot of questions about where various food items … Continue reading

Fish Mistake

Everybody makes mistakes. Some mistakes are small and the recovery is easy and painless. Some mistakes leave a deeper scar and it takes more to repair the damage. Unfortunately, there are those mistakes that can’t be fixed. Attempts could be made and the ol’ “time heals all wounds” could be applied, but it doesn’t help. … Continue reading

The Doubting Place

Lately, I have been writing about great improvements and progress. It has felt good. But if I’m being honest, I have doubts that echo in my mind during harder times. If I let myself go there, to the doubting place, I can quickly become consumed with worries. I’m glad that this let-my-mind-travel-to-the-dark-place happens less these … Continue reading

The Learning

When I started this site in 2012, I was looking for answers about twice-exceptional children. As with any persistent (a nicer adjective than stubborn) learner, I found that my answers resulted in more questions. The part that I didn’t understand until recently, was that writing about my search was simultaneously helping other families. It has … Continue reading

This October

Although we homeschooled throughout the summer months, there was a heightened level of instruction that started after Labor Day. It’s been about a month since fourth grade started and I am pleased at the progress.  Most days we are completing our state history and geography lessons, two pages of math, reading the book that goes … Continue reading


As an adult, I rarely read for enjoyment. I read magazines and blogs and nonfiction books. My intent is to gain information and usually, I prefer my answers quickly versus eloquently. There.  I said it. It seems sacreligious to “out” myself as an Anti- reader when I am a teacher and an aspiring writer. Maybe … Continue reading