Six Reasons I Won’t Be Watching the Oscars

It is Oscar Sunday and I’m sure some of you are very excited about that fact. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy seeing beautiful movie stars walk the red carpet as much as the next person; however, it’s highly unlikely that we will be watching. So here it is. My top 6 reasons that I … Continue reading

Attitude Adjustment

Recently, I had been reflecting about what made a great homeschooling day. Some days are long and tedious and some are filled with playful conversations and investigations. I have questioned bedtime, sugar intake, gluten, length and timing of video games, exercise, and even the barometric pressure. Honestly, I think all of these things and more … Continue reading

This Woman

I woke up this morning and thought about This Woman that I haven’t seen in years but who is in unimaginable pain. The kind that everyone knows that someday they could face, but no one wants to admit it. She was lucky enough to be married to her best friend for 24 years, but has now … Continue reading

This Time Thing

Have you ever watched your child when he didn’t know that your eyes were on him? Have you noticed the way his mouth moves when he’s reading a book silently or he’s building Legos with intense focus? Have you noticed the way he eats his food when he’s distracted by the TV or when he’s … Continue reading

The Usually of Homeschooling

Before I was a homeschooling parent, I couldn’t picture it. As a veteran teacher with a MA in Curriculum Development, I wasn’t sure that even I would know how. I realize now that was fear talking. Fear of the “what ifs” and stepping away from the expected. Fear of isolation and fear of power struggles … Continue reading

‘Twas The Day Before Super Bowl

‘Twas the day before Super Bowl and all through WA State. The 12th Man was shopping and planning their plate! While ladies grabbed up all their blue and green gear, Their hubs were out buying big screens and good beer.   The fans they are men, they are women, and child. They scream and they yell and … Continue reading

The Invisible Boys

My boy has four invisible friends that we’ve never met. In fact, he’s never met them either…not in real life. Over time, my TBP has found a group of fellow video gamers that he plays with daily. Sometimes the four of them play together and other days it’s any combination of them. They have learned … Continue reading

Reflections From This Birthday Girl

Like New Years Eve and the beginning of a new school year, I find myself reflecting. I often do the same on my birthday. What I know is that the birthdays of today are quieter than those in my twenties. The parties aren’t as late in the night and they aren’t as crowded. Those birthdays … Continue reading

Are You the Fun One?

If you are lucky like me, you are parenting your child with someone who you love and respect. Parenting is a marathon and a team is absolutely necessary. I know that my son is aware of our distinct differences. I am the schooling, zombie battling, sticking to the rules and allowance chart mama. If there’s … Continue reading

Blink Of An Eye Journey

The other day, I found an old video on a forgotten video camera. It showed my son’s birthday (I think it was his 2nd or 3rd) and Christmas morning from the following year. I was mesmerized by what I saw on that two-inch screen. Images of my son opening presents, dancing and celebrating the moment. … Continue reading