The Forgotten Hunt

Recently, I have found myself yearning for specific parenting moments of the past. One of my favorites, The Easter Egg Hunt. It has been a few years since we stopped driving into the city to participate in the giant hunt at the zoo; but this year, I’m missing this tradition. We used to arrive early to assure … Continue reading

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The First

As an adoptive mother, I knew this conversation would happen.  I expected many conversations like this one, but I expected them to start during the more challenging tween or teen years.  In my mind, these were the years where he would be looking for answers.  He might need to know about his past to help form his … Continue reading

Vacation with Mine

Today, we returned home from a quick vacation.  For Spring Break, we decided that we would visit a resort that is about an hour away.  This is a favorite location because of the short distance and a place of known successes.  Instead of staying in the lodge, we decided to rent one of the homes. … Continue reading

Stages of The Grief

The emotions that I feel about my son’s horrendous year continues to hit me in waves. I know it sounds a bit over dramatic to onlookers, but it feels very much like a journey through the different stages of grief. I guess I am mourning what school was supposed to be, what it should have been. … Continue reading

The Chosen One

Homeschooling can be wonderful, challenging, rewarding, and isolating. Being new at it, we have to work to create a balance.  One aspect that requires more effort is maintaining social relationships. For several weeks, we asked about play dates, but my son was not interested in seeing anyone.  I don’t know if he was embarrassed or wondered about … Continue reading

Goodbye Plaque, Goodbye Pain

When you are a special needs parent, sometimes you  focus all of your energy on getting through the daily grind and you postpone other things. Today, I went to the dentist and I was surprised to hear that it had been two years. Two years! Looking back, it makes sense.  I went to half-time last … Continue reading

We Got You Now, Effers!

This weekend was a busy weekend. In the previous post, I shared the many ways that we learned about force and motion. Saturday was a successful homeschooling day. There were questions and experiments and connecting previous learning to new ideas.  In my mind, it was what learning should look like for all kids. Sunday…well that was another … Continue reading

Active Homeschooling

As a homeschooling family, our weekends have a new purpose. Intentionally, we plan activities that are educational, active and fun.  Because I’m new at this homeschooling thing, I’m not sure if Saturday or Sunday should be included; however, it seems to work well for us to continue through the weekend.  We choose bigger projects on the weekends … Continue reading

We Are Moving On

On the way home today, I thought about all the ways that we are moving on. We are moving on as we schedule a meeting to find out more about a new private school.  This school seems to be just what we would dream and create if we had an unlimited budget and hours of free … Continue reading

Combo School

Those of you that follow our story know that we recently started homeschooling.  Like many other families, our homeschooling is really a combination of unschooling, on-line schooling, and “roam” school. Let me explain… Because my son’s school was such a disaster, he currently runs the other way when I present anything that resembles “doing school.”   … Continue reading