Kid! I’m Not Awake Yet!

I’m not a morning person; however, this fact isn’t relevant to my boy who wakes up before 7:00 am to talk to me about silicone. I hear him calling for me to come to his room. I get up and try to muster up a smile when it takes too much energy to be upright … Continue reading

What The Outdoor Season Brings

This weekend has felt like the beginning of the outdoor season. Last night, we enjoyed burgers from the grill. Weeds were pulled and pots tidied up for upcoming vegetables. Tomorrow, we are thinking about having our first s’mores of the year. Today, we got new outdoor chairs after finally admitting that the old ones…well, they’re … Continue reading

In Many Ways…

In many ways, it doesn’t seem possible that we’ve been homeschooling for over a year now. In many ways, it feels as though it was just yesterday that we were gritting our teeth, crossing our fingers, praying, whatever we thought would help my TBP have a good day. I know it might sound overly dramatic … Continue reading

Parents are Human…so are Writers

Most of you know that I’m writing a book. I am thrilled that perhaps this will legitimize my ideas or suggestions for people that know me in a smaller way. Just a complaining parent Just a blogger Just a teacher Just a homeschooling mother I hope that the book helps to educate those who have … Continue reading

The Spring Unbreak

It is Spring Break in our neck of the woods. Scrolling through Facebook provides evidence of many families traveling. Islands, Oceans, theme parks and woodsy retreats seem to be popular choices. As a homeschooling family that reduced our income drastically, we are staying put. Although we would love an adventure, we are fine with home … Continue reading

The Big Egg Hunt

Anyone that knows me in real life knows that I love a good tradition. Like many others, most of our traditions seem to be wrapped around holidays. Today I was scrolling through Facebook and saw pictures that brought me back to a tradition from yesteryear. The Egg Hunt at the Zoo. It’s today. Although it … Continue reading

Researching and Searching

If you are a regular reader, you know that I’m currently writing a book. I’m supposed to be writing a book, however, I’m up to my eyeballs in the research stage despite having years of personal experience on the topic. I have been reading book after book about twice-exceptional learners, gifted learners, learning styles, and … Continue reading


My TBP is just months away from being ten years old. It doesn’t seem possible. I really like this stage that we’re in right now. He’s old enough to have long conversations about his interests and he’s becoming more capable and responsible. So far, maturity has been our friend.┬áThis was clearly evident over the weekend. … Continue reading

Schooled by the Universe

Since learning that I would be writing a book about supporting our 2e kids, I’ve been a bit distracted. In addition to my regular life of homeschooling and teaching, I now seek to find quality time for writing. Honestly, I was a bit intimidated by this new opportunity and the reality of it all…until the … Continue reading

Not Your Average St. Patrick’s Day

As a first grade teacher, I loved St. Patrick’s Day! I would arrive early to sprawl glitter and chocolate coins around the classroom. I would turn over chairs and open the cupboards. We would discover a tiny apology note (that would need to be enlarged so that we could read it) that the Leprechauns we’re … Continue reading