My Twice Baked Potato Writes!

A few weeks ago, I shared that my son had started writing for fun again. I was so thankful. I wouldn’t say that this happened without some level of “encouragement” from his writing mama. I had heard a successful author talk about his writing career. He said that he had been homeschooled and he shared … Continue reading

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I’m Thankful 2014

I looked at the calendar today and realized that Thanksgiving is only one week away. I don’t know why I thought there was another week before we would gather with family and consume a meal that took my mother several hours to prepare, in less than thirty minutes. Maybe the fact that I’m not teaching … Continue reading

This Real Writer

Yesterday, I got to talk with a real writer. A published-many-times writer. A fiction-nonfiction-poetry writer. A known-expert writer. A teach-at-writers-conferences writer. Coincidentally, I saw a flyer for one of his workshops and I emailed him to see if I could steal some of his time when his class was finished. Luckily, he said yes. Now, … Continue reading

What’s Up, Doc?

It had been a long time since my son had been to the pediatrician. We are blessed that my TBP doesn’t get sick often. When you have a highly introverted child who doesn’t seek opportunities to play with other kids and washes his hands a lot due to sensory issues, flu germs are less prevalent. … Continue reading

Only Just Begun?

Last night, around nine-thirty in the evening, I added the final words to the first draft of my manuscript.  It took me about a year between teaching, homeschooling, parenting, blogging, cleaning, playing and living to write this book. At this point, I have written about 52,000 words which I’m told is not many in the … Continue reading

Gimme A Break

Tonight, I had my own version of a mini break down. I was feeling stressed and inadequate and overwhelmed with all that I thought that I should do. Thankfully, It wasn’t in front of MyTBP because it wasn’t pretty. Let me explain… At some point between early morning swimming lessons, homeschooling, and laundry, I sat … Continue reading

Halloween Recovery

I’m not suggesting that the calendar was designed to stack the deck against me, but there’s something cruel about having Halloween and Daylight Saving occurring on the same weekend. I’m not sure what we are still recovering from most. Could be the sugar, the artificial coloring, the socializing, the sudden screams from motion activated skeletons, … Continue reading

Outgrown Tater

It had been awhile, since I walked through the doors of our local independent toy store that we used to frequent often for “incentives” or bribes if I’m being honest. Today, we had thirty minutes left of our babysitting time and thought we would stop in before we headed home. Like most parents, our thoughts … Continue reading

Gratitude: Guest Post Style

One day, when I needed to be reminded about gratitude, I came across Robin. I had never read her work before, but she had left some thoughtful comments on my site. On this particularly challenging day, I decided to take the time to go to her site and read more. I am glad that I … Continue reading

Reappearance of the Words

When my son was young, he realized the power of words. Early on in his love-everything-art stage, he used to label the items in his drawings.  He sat at his child size table and filled notebooks with creative stories. Sometimes, he didn’t use his power for good. I remember getting a phone call from my … Continue reading