I think that everyone would agree that parenthood comes with highs and lows.  We talk ourselves into thinking that it will get easier. The new parent thinks,”It will be so much easier when he can sleep through the night” or “It will be so much easier when he’s done teething.” The parent of a toddler … Continue reading

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Easy Night Away

Right now, it is 2:45 am. My family, including the two pups, are stretched out across the king-sized bed. The boy has arms and legs that seem to go on forever and even the labradoodle is taking up more space than normal. I am awake. The “idea” of a night away seemed like a good … Continue reading

Where We Are Now

As Labor Day quickly approaches, summer feels as though it is already gone. I return to work (officially) on Tuesday.  I know what back to school feels like, I’ve been a teacher for 20+ years; however, I don’t really know what it feels like to work Fridays and home school the other days. In addition … Continue reading

This Fall

Recently, I wrote the “Top Ten Reasons” why I’m glad that we are a homeschooling family. To date, it was the article that has been shared the most of any of mine. As I saw the numbers climb, I realized that I was not alone. There were others out there like me. They shared my … Continue reading

Top Ten Reasons

I would be lying if I said that I was done thinking about how it could have been, should have been, for my son at school. We fought.  We tried to change things for him, for others; however, things didn’t get any better, they actually got worse. When I start to go there, back to … Continue reading

Can’t This Be A Stay Home Day?

If it was up to my son, we would rarely leave our house.  We might visit our neighborhood Starbucks, stop by the library, or walk around the block before ending up at the mailbox; however, additional destinations require prior planning and convincing. “Can’t this be a stay home day?” To be honest, I understand why he tries … Continue reading


Sometimes, it’s hard to make sensible and responsible decisions, especially when you have a credit card staring at you, taunting you. Typically, we plan three or four small trips during the summer. We seem partial to fancy hotels with scenic views, beautiful pools and luxurious sheets. Unfortunately for us, those things come at a price … Continue reading

Over Share Much?

During these hot summer days, I perform an important morning ritual. It is the traditional opening of the windows. They are thrown open while many others are just waking with the hopes of inviting a breeze inside; before long, these same windows are closed tightly and shades drawn. Open windows with sunshine, traded for a … Continue reading

Stick A Pin In It!

As part of our fourth grade homeschooling experience, we are investigating the geography, economy, agriculture and people of our state.  We purchased a large wall map and decided that the best way to learn about our state, was to travel our state. With this in mind, we hopped on a ferry and headed to Bainbridge … Continue reading

With The Arrival of August

Tomorrow, we turn the page on the calendar again. We say goodbye to July and hello to August. I don’t think that I’m alone in saying that there is a feeling of anxiety that goes with this switch. Things are about to get real, people. All the newspaper and television ads shout that it’s “Back … Continue reading