Phases of a Teacher Vacation

So I sit here on Day 11 of my thirteen day vacation and I realize, I have hit the end of Phase Three.

Teachers work hard and we start to look forward to winter vacation as parent/ teacher conferences wind down. We have finished assessments, report cards, and conferences and after all that, we are ready for a break.

Before vacation begins there are high hopes for a balance of respite and recovery with completing unfinished projects put on pause.

If you’re a teacher who celebrates Christmas, Phase One is holiday related. Finally getting time to pick up those last presents, wrap said presents, get cards in the mail, and cleaning for upcoming guests.

These days are absolutely necessary because it’s hard to get things done on the weekends or the dark evenings after work that beg for couch and early pajama time.

Phase Two is the actual holiday. The goings and comings of family and friends. The giving and receiving. The Christmas music and favorite holiday movies. This time together, celebrating the holidays, is the point of Phase Two.

The next phase, which lasts longer than the actual holiday phase, is a foggy state of too many days hooked together where it’s okay to eat cheese and crackers and holiday leftovers and there’s too much recycling to fit in one can. You might or might not shower and Netflix binge watching is more than acceptable, it is expected.

Speaking of binge watching…I might be late to the party, but I have loved Sherlock Holmes and The Marvelous Mrs Maisel.

Here I sit, watching a football game in my sweats and I realize, I am approaching Phase Four. This is the “I can’t believe I’m already going back to work” Phase.

Phase Four is when you are in a state of denial and cautious optimism that there’s still time. Time to have fun and time to get things done. I had many things I wanted to get done. Organizing and cleaning and simplifying and writing and…

I bet you know what I’m talking about.

Overall, vacation was good. See how I did that? I’m acknowledging that I will be returning to work, to normal.

Some highlights, beside the obvious days with family and friends during Phase Two, were trying a new noodle house, family karaoke, and learning about D&D from MyTBP.

So readers, as you creep back to your normal, I wish you a graceful return.

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