Different Paths to Follow

Because my homeschooled son is entering eighth grade, his higher learning options have been on my mind lately.

Homeschooling has been great for my family, but I have wondered if it might limit his educational choices in the future. With this in mind, I set out to read and educate myself.

First, I needed information about making a transcript. It was suggested that I should read Betsy Sproger’s book Homeschooling High School With College in Mind. This book is written by a very knowledgeable and passionate mother who was determined to provide her daughter with the strongest college options possible.

Ms. Sproger encourages the reader to plan ahead with requirements in mind. She shares the importance to know what colleges are looking for and to consider electives that would be powerful on a transcript.

This book is broken into easy to read chapters which provide step by step directions and valuable advice in creating a well-received transcript.

The author clearly explains about credits, GPAs, and uses her family’s experience to teach others.

Readers who are interested in the process of writing a transcript and/or college essay will want to check out this informative book by Betsy Sproger.

After reading about transcripts, I started to consider possible paths that were less conventional than a college setting. Because of this, I read Forging Paths: Beyond Traditional Schooling by Wes Beach.

This well-written book shares how seven different people found success through very different paths. There’s an understanding that like homeschooling, there is no right way that works for everyone.

The author shares how persistence, creative thinking & understanding of the individual learner are key to success. Mr. Beach demonstrates that there are various ways to overcome the expected path.

I could not stop reading this book. The narratives shared by homeschooled learners and the authors’ past students, made this book interesting and relatable.

Mr. Beach’s expertise in education is evident. This book is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to explore all options for their loved homeschooler.

If the high school years are quickly approaching for your child, consider reading both of these books.

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