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When I stop and I think about 2014, it takes my breath away.  2014?  It sounds like a sci-fi movie. A lot happened in 2013, especially with my writing.  I attended my first writer’s conference, I wrote my first book review, and I was asked by others to share my writing. I walked into the … Continue reading

Time According to My TBP

On December 22nd it started. It was the first official day of vacation and my son was already worried about his return to school.  We counted the days together and he was satisfied that we would have a long break together.  His demeanor relaxed when he realized that it would be weeks before he must … Continue reading

Blog of the Year 2013 Award

In the middle of the crazy Thanksgiving holiday, I barely looked at my blog.  Once I slowed down, I was thrilled to find some wonderful news!  I had been awarded the Blog of the Year Award from Angie at OCD in the Family.  I was so honored; especially when she said that I was an inspiration! … Continue reading

Sour Grapes for a Newbie Blogger?

I don’t think that it’s sour grapes. I mean really…I didn’t expect to win or even be recognized for that matter! I was thrilled when the great ladies at Bon Bon Break nominated me for the VOTY.  They had selected my original piece about my son’s turbulent adoption.  I said that it was an honor just to be … Continue reading