Sour Grapes for a Newbie Blogger?

I don’t think that it’s sour grapes.

I mean really…I didn’t expect to win or even be recognized for that matter! I was thrilled when the great ladies at Bon Bon Break nominated me for the VOTY.  They had selected my original piece about my son’s turbulent adoption.  I said that it was an honor just to be nominated and I meant it; but then my blog earned recognition in a local parenting magazine and like a peacock, I felt my colorful feathers standing up a bit. It felt good.  I liked seeing my blog’s name in a publication; it didn’t matter that it was in tiny writing and without any explanation, it was in there.

I am a blogging newbie.  I have just over a year under my belt and much of the jargon is still lost on me.  I don’t know the importance of Bloglovin or g+ and I still cross my fingers each time I add pictures to my posts.  Often, I go back to the home page after I hit “publish” just to make sure it really “got” there.  Yeah…I’m a newbie.

I was happy to be nominated, until the news of the VOTY (BlogHer Voice of the Year 2013) winners started flowing like wine on my twitter feed.  At first, I didn’t even know what VOTY stood for and then I started piecing things together.  Minutes later, I saw that those that were not selected had received a “Thanks but No Thanks” email so I checked my email.  There was no “maybe next year” email and I looked again just to make sure.  My stomach hurt and at that moment, I let myself get excited.  I started wondering if I could get myself on a plane for the first time in a very long time.  I wondered if we could afford for the family to go and I even thought about how we would need a dog sitter for the elderly terrier and the spry doodle.  I then took a few breaths and realized that the committee probably didn’t have my email, my submission was from the ladies at Bonbon so they would get the email.  Did they get one about my piece?  They probably didn’t want to disappoint me or maybe it was sitting in their crowded inbox.

Another tweet came out and said that the winner information would go live any minute.  “My name is not going to be there “is what I said out loud but I caught myself  thinking about the dreadful Chicago heat in the summer.  I get sun stroke when it hits 78 degrees.

I saw the announcement and I read the list…more than once.  My name wasn’t there.  I didn’t expect it to be, but for a few minutes I thought…why not?  Why not me?!  It left me with questions and mixed feelings.  So I read some of the winners’ submissions and they were not what I expected.

They were SO much better than I expected.  Each one that I read, was more amazing than the rest.  Two of the pieces had me in tears and another used such colorful language that I could not only feel her feelings, but I could picture her family.  I could see exactly why these amazing and talented writers won.

After I had brought myself back to reality, I read the announcement again and saw that there were 2600 pieces that the committee looked at and that 3% of them would be recognized.  This painted a much clearer picture for this newbie blogger that momentarily wondered if she would have stage fright when she read her piece in front of all those people! 🙂

Today, I am reminding myself why I blog.  Although I am humorous, I don’t have the potty mouth that is sometimes required for the “humor” blogger.  I write, but I am not a published writer and I don’t have an agent.  I blog because I am a parent of a child that belongs to a tribe that I didn’t always understand.  I blog to share my information and to gain knowledge from others.

I love writing and have found great support from the blogosphere.  Most likely, I will try for the “lottery prize” of VOTY next year.  You never know when your numbers will be picked! 🙂

26 thoughts on “Sour Grapes for a Newbie Blogger?

    • Cathy,
      Thank you! I really do thank you!
      It was a bit like when I get the Powerball ticket…I don’t think I will win, but am disappointed that I won’t be buying the lake house or classic car 🙂

  1. I really enjoyed reading this though I was hoping for a happy ending. However, as I think about it, it was indeed a happy ending. You appreciate what you have gained – that’s awesome.
    So, what does VOTY stand for?

    P.S. I know what you mean about the potty mouth that is sometimes required for the “humor” blogger. Not my style either.

    • Thank you for your comments and support! When I read your words I was reminded of the good witch saying to Dorothy “you always had it my dear” 🙂
      BlogHer Voice of the Year 2013 Awards. You might really like reading some of the recognized submissions-especially the “heart” pieces.

      I have actually “unfollowed” several people because I am not amused by dirty talk…just me maybe because many of “them” have lots of response/comments.

  2. If I were you, I would visit the BlogHer website. Really would be worth your time. I like Outlaw Mama (who was recognized) and there were others in the Heart category. Personally, I avoided the “humor” section after seeing some of the titles that were there. Certain body parts just don’t need to be discussed.

    What makes me even more uncomfortable, is when a dirty post gets even filthier comments.

    • Thank you so much!
      Some might call my “thinking it through” hopeful and many might call it delusional 🙂
      I am writing more and more and plan to try again 🙂
      I appreciate your kind words!

  3. I didn’t win anything either, but so many of my dear bloggy friends did, and two, whose posts I submitted quietly, without their knowledge, won in their categories, which was so well-deserved. My being thrilled for them far outweighed the passing disappointment I felt.

    I didn’t expect to win. I submitted to show myself that I believe in my writing. So I’ve won in a way. 🙂

    Also, there’s always next year!

    • This is the first year that I have known about the award. I was very impressed with the work and have found some great new blogs because of it!
      Really learning so much about the blogosphere 🙂

  4. One of the most gracious reactions to VOTY that I’ve read. What a generous human being you are. A pleasure to read. I came via my good, good friend Casey/Life with Roozle. GOOD LUCK TO YOU, keep trying if it’s something you believe in. By reading we learn what we like, and why we like it, and we can’t help but be influenced by it. For another inspirational reaction to VOTY, you must read Ann Imig of Ann’s Rants. HEr post today is magic, a balm, to so many who didn’t receive *that* email. Much love to you.

    • Alexandra-
      Thank you so very much! Your words were inspirational on a day that could have been drab. I appreciate your support, encouragement and support and will read the article you suggested!
      I hope that you visit again!

  5. Such an accomplishment that you were nominated after just beginning your blog!! And how cool you were already recognized locally. All signs that you are on the right path. Congrats!

    • Ann-
      Thank you! You are so sweet 🙂
      I appreciate the kind words and support. I am also glad that I have been introduced to lots of great writers through the process…including you!

  6. Hi..I found your blog on Roozle’s site, which I found on Mary Tyler Mom’s facebook page (it’s kind of like Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumbs..ha). I like this post. I like your honesty and your optimism and your ability to make lemonade out of grapes.

    I had no clue what VOTY was, either. BlogHer is a place I find myself stumbling through every once in a while..I don’t really “get it”, which is embarrassing to admit. I submitted a couple pieces thinking it was just a “throw your hat into the ring” kind of thing. I was picked as one of the honorable mentions in Humor. My post they picked has a few anatomical terms in the title..I’m sad to learn that it may be a turnoff for some potential readers 😦 I’m just an old mama trying to find some laughs in life.

    Anyway..glad I found this post, and may I suggest another awesome post to read regarding post-VOTY blues..Heather of the Extraordinary Ordinary. (not sure if links work). She’s a remarkable woman, and has some really awesome things to say about this.


    • Jenny-
      SO glad you found me! I love finding other writer’s the same way!

      Wow! Congrats to you! That is really great !

      I struggle with the site sometimes too. My piece was submitted by someone else which is good because I’m not sure I could have figured out the suits soon process 🙂 you might need to help me!

      Thanks for the suggestion-I will check it out! I hope you check out some of my other posts 🙂

  7. I too love your honesty and graciousness. I was a little bummed I was not on the list but I was thrilled that so many of my blogging friends were. Last year it was my first year that I submitted and I knew one person who won, this year I knew most of the people who were selected. This oddly made me feel as if I was growing in my blogging and relationships, which is one of the things I love the most!! I must say I was bummed that your post did not get mentioned, but it is a wonderful post that I know many have found inspirational and helpful!! Not too shabby!! xo

    • Kathy-
      Your support has been a wonderful product from my first year of blogging! Even though you didn’t ask for the role…
      You and Val have been amazing mentors!
      I so appreciate you! Xo

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