Defending A Gift


I don’t believe that anyone is looking to hear my justification of why I bought my son an iPad; however, I feel the need to explain myself.  When someone asks what he got, I announce the gift and then go right into my “but we wanted our iPad back and it is a gift that he won’t outgrow” reasoning without even taking a breath.  The truth is, sacrifices were made and we traded in old iPhones that gave us a nice bit of credit (did you know about this?), so the gift wasn’t as extravagant as it would seem. There I go with the excuses again!

My son is an only child (which I also feel that I have to defend sometimes) and whether it is good or bad, he is very connected to his technology.  Instead of playing outside with his sibling, he is writing a story on the iPad.  Instead of bugging a sister in the backseat, he is watching a Netflix movie on car rides.  Instead of screaming and fighting about who took what out of his room, mine is looking up Mine Craft parodies and tutorials on YouTube.

Don’t get me wrong, he does other things too.  He plays on his own, colors on his own and builds Lego creations on his own!  But sometimes he gets tired of it.  I don’t blame him.   Maybe I feel guilty that I get tired and don’t always want to build, draw or play and so that iPad is a gift.  Not just a gift for him…but for me too!

I told my almost 89-year-old grandma that I got my son an iPad and her response was surprising.  She told me that she was proud of us for knowing what he needed.  She said that she would be sorry if we didn’t get him things like computers or ipads that helped him understand his talent and passion.  She told me that these help him more than any toy could.  I know that she is right…but I still explain myself.  Be honest…haven’t you ever bought a gift that you defended?

Two days later…

The boy got his gift and he loved it.  He was surprised and very appreciative.

I knew that we would have to continue to closely monitor his usage.  What I didn’t know, was that he knew how to go to iTunes on his own and purchase games.  Thank goodness that his account is connected to an iTunes card instead of a credit card!  I don’t think that he fully understands that the card represents “real money” and that it will run out.  This is certainly his new currency and that information could be helpful to me as a parent!

His purchasing on-line, reminds me a bit of my first experiences with a credit card in college.  It took me a long time to realize that credit cards were real money too!  I suppose that it is a good thing that my 8-year-old is learning this lesson now, before he has the possibility to destroy his credit history!

See…I knew this iPad would teach him a lot!

10 thoughts on “Defending A Gift

  1. Don’t feel the need at all to justify buying your son an iPad! The truth of the matter is that were living in a time of technology and its all around us. You’re just going with the flow! As long as he is well rounded in other areas of play and recreation (reading, playing outside, arts and crafts, and the like..) then why not get acquainted with technology every now and then? Theres so many learning apps out there that can actually be beneficial for him, learning-wise.

    I let my sons use my iPad and phone to play games all the time–within reason. First off, they know it is “mommy’s iPad” and not theirs…so I set the rules for what, when and how much time they can play it. I wont buy them their own simply because I feel they are too young to own one and i would have to buy 2 of them—sooo not happening! Haha! I make sure I research their games and apps first and set passwords for any purchasing functions…

    inevitably they will get older and wiser, and demanding of their freedom to get their own iPad in the future, but until then, my 2 cents would be to just remember to set some ground rules and establish limits, just so your son doesn’t get hooked on playing and ends up never seeing daylight again. ;). Cuz it happens!!

    Have fun! 🙂

    • Thank you for your support and ideas!
      We do find that it is harder to limit during the summer, not because of his iPad but because the days are so much longer without school or classes.

      We do monitor games and he has some academics and help around the house that is done to earn that time.

      Thanks again for visiting!

  2. an iPad is a totally reasonable gift for certain children (not all, but many). We got our four kids one (they all share it) for Christmas several years back and it was totally worth it. While some people saw it as extravagant, and yeah – I defended it lol – but we knew that we would get tons of mileage out of it.

    We haven’t allowed them to purchase any apps yet – keep me posted on that – I like the idea of allowing them to make wise purchases (or, learn to use it well, and not impulsively)

    Glad he is loving it, and glad you feel good about it too!! 🙂 ENJOY!!

    • Thank you!
      He is loving it! He has been really comfortable w/the iPad for about a year and just started buying apps this weekend.

      I think it might be a rude awakening when he tries to buy something and his card has run out. This might be a great way to implant some chores for an allowance since he wasn’t curious before that.

  3. His great grandmother said it all. She was totally correct. I am the opposite when we buy our son expensive gifts. I try to convince others that it is a good idea! 🙂

  4. I LOVE your grandma!!! We’ve had our old iPad 1 for many years now, and it is almost exclusively Video Boy’s now. Still going strong you’ll be glad to know! He probably spends way too much time on it, but he is not and will never be an “outside” kid no matter how often or hard I push him outside. It is what it is.

    I hope he has many happy years of apps, games, videos, books, social connections 🙂

    • Ours is not an outdoors kid either…unless he has his cousins with him. I have received so much support from people that totally get it, my concern is dwindling 😉

      Thank you so much for stopping and visiting 😉

  5. We bought our six year old an ipad for Christmas. It was the perfect gift for both of us. Our son needs to have an active mind–sometimes it is playing games, other times it is doing chores so he can earn another clock application. We have found that the ipad usage comes and goes. Sometimes he will be quite engrossed others it will languish for days. It is a fabulous tool and motivator for ASD kids. Good for you! 🙂

    • Thank you!
      Initially, I felt the need to make excuses but it is the perfect gift! He uses it for games, movies, pictures & Internet and loves it 🙂

      Thank you for your comments-I appreciate it 🙂

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