A Few Moments from the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July was filled with fun, family time.  The kids enjoyed several activities (I will share those pictures in the Almost Wordless Wednesday-Cousins Edition) before it was dark enough for the real action.

I have to say that the kids did a great job playing several hours together.  The tension only grew once the fireworks overwhelmed those with sensory issues.  At that point, the parents quickly saw what was happening and headphones and Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty helped calm nerves until it was just too loud.  I know that many people were deciding what to do about the fourth; I believe that each year, my son can tolerate a bit more and is doing a better job removing himself when it gets too much for him.

Here are a few of our pictures from the evening!









2 thoughts on “A Few Moments from the Fourth of July

  1. It reminds me of a time when block parties were the norm…and almost all types of fireworks were legal (60s). I had found that to be more fun than a large gathering of people to watch a professional display. It looks as if you had more of the old style (superior style) 4th of July. I am sure your son really enjoyed himself. I will check-in on Wednesday for the other pictures.

    • Thank you!
      My parents and sister’s family come to our house every 4th of July. It has become a favorite tradition.

      We have tried the large displays and giant groups and it doesn’t feel the same.

      No traffic and the ability to watch a movie or play a game when the fireworks cause sensory overload 🙂

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