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Birds of a Feather

Today, I am shocked by an email that I received from my son’s school, but not for the reasons that you might expect. For three years, I have felt compelled to try to explain my son to his school staff. When they focus on his lack of effort, I remind them of his sensory issues. … Continue reading

Holiday Monday

Today, we had the day off together.  We talked about the significance of today and the reason for the holiday and then we enjoyed the time. We stayed in our pajamas longer and played video games together. We ate breakfast in stages, at our leisure, instead of at a rushed pace. We talked about anything … Continue reading

What’s Up Doc?

When you have a twice-exceptional child, you develop a team of experts that understand your unique parenting issues.  As an important member of our team, we gain great insight from each appointment with Dr. Steven Curtis.  Dr. Curtis comes from a place of celebrating strengths and interests instead of focusing on struggles.  I have to admit that this was … Continue reading

Teacher Mama

I think that sometimes my son is frustrated with the fact that I am a teacher.  He seems to resent, that I know about curriculum and what gifted kids his age (and skills) should be doing. On Monday, we downloaded the “challenging” spelling list for the week and within minutes, he had mastered all 15 words.  I … Continue reading

Just a Second!!

There’s an ongoing dilemma going on in our house. “Just a second…” “One sec…” “Give me a minute…” “OHHH…I just got started!” All of these phrases mean one thing….I am asking my precious TBP to do something that he doesn’t want to do.  Obviously, he is in the middle of a preferred activity and I am asking him … Continue reading

The Santa Experience

Over the years, there are certain traditions that we adjust in order to make the holiday season more comfortable for my son.  We do most of our shopping online and drive by the holiday parade instead of standing with the crowd.  We purposely do not over schedule our weekends and stick to a normal routine during … Continue reading

Conference Time

This time of year is both my favorite and least.  I love the focus on “thankfulness” at this time of year and starting to prepare for the quickly approaching holiday season. I don’t love the holiday stress that is sometimes lurking around the corner and I’m not crazy about parent/teacher conferences.  That is…the conference where I am … Continue reading

I Am

Recently, I watched an episode of Oprah where she spoke with Pastor Joel Osteen.  Now, I wouldn’t call myself a deeply religious person, but I was very moved by his message.  The focus of the discussion was the statement, “I Am…” and the impact that those two small words can have on one’s life.  As I listened, … Continue reading

“Happy” Halloween??

Sometimes, I forget that my kid is…unique.  I make plans for special days and holidays and still expect that they will go as planned.  If you’re the parent of a 2e child, you know that the days that you have the highest expectations…can sometimes go the craziest.  Take Halloween for instance. If you read my blog, you … Continue reading

The Attitude Shift

My son forgot his lunch today.  While this doesn’t seem like a big news story, it is quite an inconvenience when your child has severe food allergies and gets upset when things change unexpectedly.  Working part-time, I had the ability to leave work right away to handle this problem.  I quickly visited the nearest McDonald’s and drove directly to my … Continue reading