Holiday Monday

Today, we had the day off together.  We talked about the significance of today and the reason for the holiday and then we enjoyed the time.

We stayed in our pajamas longer and played video games together.

We ate breakfast in stages, at our leisure, instead of at a rushed pace.

We talked about anything that popped into our minds without needing to remember the details for much later.

We went out for lunch.  Not because we had to but because we wanted to. Even though the restaurant was loud, he made it through with headphones and his iPad.

We came home and completed his required reading and we did household errands together.

Nothing we did was extraordinary, but the extra time together was better than ordinary.

As we talked about school tomorrow, his demeanor changed.  He started talking about all of the bad parts and the stress that he feels.  It was a good talk and I know that there will be more conversations about making a plan to improve his school possibilities.

He asked how many days are left in school and I told him that it was too far to think about days, we were still counting months.

He sighed, but seemed satisfied knowing that we want to make it better.  We will try to make it better.

For now, I enjoy the Holiday Monday 🙂

6 thoughts on “Holiday Monday

  1. Aw! What a wonderful day! My son’s school was in yesterday but we recently had two days off for teacher workshops. So nice to not rush in the morning!

  2. I could really feel the different pace of your day together. I think that these times are so necessary in our overly-planned lives. I felt relaxed just reading this post. Lovely.

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