Birds of a Feather

Today, I am shocked by an email that I received from my son’s school, but not for the reasons that you might expect.

For three years, I have felt compelled to try to explain my son to his school staff.

When they focus on his lack of effort, I remind them of his sensory issues.

When they look at him through only a single lens, I remind them of another view, a different view.

When they don’t understand, I try to educate them.

Because of this ongoing experience, I get ready to fight when I receive an email.  This time, the email could finally be a game changer because the school counselor had an epiphany!

She let me know about an “eye-opening” discussion that she had with my son.  She wanted to better understand his feelings of boredom and his answers seemed to surprise her.

“I get frustrated when kids have to ask so many questions.”

“I don’t understand why the teacher says the same thing over and over.”

“I wonder when the other kids will finally get it so that we can move on.”

“Why do we have to study the same thing for over a month?!”

As the counselor was having this discussion with my son, another student came into her office.  Apparently, this fifth grade student has some of the same “issues” that my TBP exhibits and also many similar interests.

They clicked.

These two boys had an ongoing conversation about computers, video games and many other shared topics. I have a feeling that this other student might also prefer to wear a hood to muffle the sound, sees things as black and white, and has mature debating skills.

After witnessing this meeting of the minds, the counselor reported that she finally understood.  My son needed opportunities to extend his thinking, be creative, and work with other like-minded students.  He didn’t need more work, which he saw as jumping through hoops, he needed deeper learning experiences with kids like him.

The whole “birds of a feather, flock together” thing IS true!

She spoke about trying to make opportunities for these boys to work together.  She wants them to see the value of the school day. I want that too!


6 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather

  1. That’s is great, when someone gets you’re child it’s priceless! And the fact he can communicate why he’s frustrated so well speaks a lot to his maturity. Crossing my fingers for you and your son.

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