The Thankfuls Vs The Wants

Because Thanksgiving is just a few days away, we have been talking a lot about being thankful.  We spoke about those less fortunate than us and all that we have. During this discussion, I could have predicted some of my son’s answers:

I’m thankful for all my electronics and I’m thankful for the guys that invented electricity so that I could enjoy my electronics!

I’m thankful for my dogs and my family

I’m thankful for my home and my nice warm bed

This focus on Thanksgiving also comes at the same time when people want to know what my son wants for Christmas.  I feel pressure to have a list ready so that relatives won’t get stuck in Target without a clue about a desired gift.  So, we have looked on websites and through catalogs and he isn’t providing any ideas. Oh wait…he did say that he wanted a hydro-dome strawberry planter.  Yeah, that’s a fun purchase.

After I was bugging him a bit to much about the importance of the list, he grew impatient.  “I don’t understand…I just told you all the things that I’m thankful for and now you want me to focus on what I don’t have?”

Then, the next part was precious, not helpful to the holiday shoppers trying to cross things off their list, but precious.  He looked at me with his beautiful brown eyes and long eyelashes and said…

I truly have everything that I need.  There isn’t anything else that I need.  I have you and my family and my life which is the most special thing to be thankful for, right?

This was wonderful to hear. He’s right.  He is very blessed.  For most days of the year, not wanting lots of things is a really good thing.

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