Four Years Ago


Four years ago, I started my blog.

It was born out of a desperate quest for answers and grew from my desire to connect, share, educate, and advocate.

That first May, we had just learned about twice-exceptionality. We thought that knowledge would change how others viewed him. After all, it had given us new insight.

The second May was perhaps our biggest challenge. Third grade had been rocky and by January, we were in crisis mode. Most of that year’s winter break was spent dreading the return to class.

At that point, stress and worry took over our home. When he finally would go to sleep, we would then spend the next few hours trying to brainstorm solutions.

When things hit a dangerously low point, we pulled him out of school. While we were terrified, there was a new relief without the tears, the emails, the homework, and all the emotions.

The third May was our first full year of homeschool. We had our schedule down and I was more prepared to take on the challenge. Some might find it strange that as a veteran teacher, I was worried that I wouldn’t be enough.

Today, during this fourth May, we continue to embrace our homeschool experience. I only wish we would have done it earlier.

My TBP is almost 11 years old. He is as tall as me and sporting the beginning of a moustache. On the outside, he looks so mature and that’s confusing.

Despite his outward appearance, he needs us now so much. He craves positive feedback and demands attention. He holds my hand as we walk and talk about our day.

He asks challenging questions and his favorite TED talks are about God and those hard to answer questions. His mind fights to stay awake with his newest animation ideas or ways to improve his YouTube channel while his body craves sleep. While I crave sleep.

Four years later, he knows about twice-exceptionality. He claims his sensitivities and uses that information to advocate for himself. He knows that I have written a book (which I’m currently editing) about supporting 2e children.

Sometimes it is hard to believe that it has been four years. Other times, it seems like a lifetime ago.

I truly appreciate the support and positive mojo that I have received over these years. Thank you!

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