What’s Up, Doc?

It had been a long time since my son had been to the pediatrician. We are blessed that my TBP doesn’t get sick often.

When you have a highly introverted child who doesn’t seek opportunities to play with other kids and washes his hands a lot due to sensory issues, flu germs are less prevalent.

To be honest, I think we also avoided this appointment after some uncomfortable dentist visits; however, we knew it was time.

We decide to switch our son to a male doctor in the same office that we’ve always taken him. Our thoughts were that he might be more comfortable.

There were bits of additional information for his records…

Toenail issues

Vegetarian diet

Core strengthening

Sore feet

Sensory issues and possible therapies

I’m relieved it’s over, mostly because I’m blessed that I have a healthy son; however, I’m also happy that we got out of there without any swear words being dropped.

Maybe we can be more comfortable scheduling the eye doctor now.










4 thoughts on “What’s Up, Doc?

  1. Finding a doctor for our special kids and then actually going is quite a task! We finally have someone my kids are comfortable with so now I’m worried she’ll find a better job elsewhere. 🙂

      • I always debate how much to say ahead. We prepared my son for his vaccines in the spring and he was hysterical. For his flu shot we didn’t tell him ahead and he did great. So much for doing it the psychologically healthy way!

        I honestly hate going to the doctor myself or taking my kids. They are so nosy and judgmental! Our current one is helpful and thoughtful and humble and appreciates that living with it, we know more than her official knowledge, so we get along fine. My son hates being talked about though and so tics and hides and generally freaks out. 🙂

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