Only Just Begun?

Last night, around nine-thirty in the evening, I added the final words to the first draft of my manuscript.  It took me about a year between teaching, homeschooling, parenting, blogging, cleaning, playing and living to write this book.

At this point, I have written about 52,000 words which I’m told is not many in the world of women’s fiction; however, in my world, it is a lot.

To be honest, there were many times when I didn’t expect to continue. I wasn’t sure it was important when my son was struggling. I wasn’t sure there would be time when the homeschooling began. I just wasn’t sure.

What I do know for sure is something that I have said to my students about writing…

“Once you end, you’ve only just begin!”

I call my manuscript a draft, because I know there will be additions and deletions; Second guessing certain word choices or directions with this or that character.

Decisions about final title, cover art, query letters, submissions, waiting, publishing, social media, waiting, exposure, critiques, waiting  and what not.   All of this is part of the “…you’ve only just begin.”

I know there is more work, but I would like to sit with this accomplishment for just a little bit and breathe.




12 thoughts on “Only Just Begun?

  1. That is a HUGE accomplishment. I always hear the first draft of the first book is the hardest, it’s all downhill from here. 😉 Joking aside, congratulations!!!

  2. A person with stress in her life…needs her own time so she may de-stress. Your creative writing will allow you to face daily adversity all the more effectively. Never give up on your dreams. By you completing your goals…you will be teaching your son to do the same.

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