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It’s been almost a week since my mother’s accident. When we came in from the beach and all those messages came through our phone, everything else stopped. We didn’t know the details, the severity, the whole story of what happened. I think I’m glad about that. We wouldn’t have waited until it was light if … Continue reading

What’s Up, Doc?

It had been a long time since my son had been to the pediatrician. We are blessed that my TBP doesn’t get sick often. When you have a highly introverted child who doesn’t seek opportunities to play with other kids and washes his hands a lot due to sensory issues, flu germs are less prevalent. … Continue reading

Today’s List

A few weeks back, we visited Dr. Steven Curtis. Dr. Curtis suggested that my TBP needs to excel in more areas than video games.  I received great comments and suggestions from helpful readers and I put a new plan into place. I spoke with my son about the importance of developing into a well-rounded person with lots of interests.  … Continue reading

What’s Up Doc?

When you have a twice-exceptional child, you develop a team of experts that understand your unique parenting issues.  As an important member of our team, we gain great insight from each appointment with Dr. Steven Curtis.  Dr. Curtis comes from a place of celebrating strengths and interests instead of focusing on struggles.  I have to admit that this was … Continue reading

Bionic Sense of Smell

Yes…I said it.  He has a bionic sense of smell.  He notices smells in a way that most do not. When my TBP was a toddler, we had “fragrance encounters” all the time.  I remember walking into Trader Joe’s and being stopped just inside the front door by my boy.  My son could not continue … Continue reading