Bionic Sense of Smell

Yes…I said it.  He has a bionic sense of smell.  He notices smells in a way that most do not.

When my TBP was a toddler, we had “fragrance encounters” all the time.  I remember walking into Trader Joe’s and being stopped just inside the front door by my boy.  My son could not continue shopping until he sniffed each and every type of flower displayed.  Others watched (on a crowded Saturday afternoon), while he leaned over and smelled each bloom and then insisted that I join in on the “Smellfest.”  I encouraged my son to move on, but he was paralyzed by all of the smells.  Another afternoon, the woman working in the flower department at the grocery store, took pity on me.  After watching us smell all of her merchandise for 20+ minutes, she handed my TBP a flower to carry and smell while I tackled my shopping list.  I had never been so thankful for one single rose…ever!

This fragrance fascination did not stop with gerber daisies.  Other items were also rated for there smell factor.  I remember a particular trip to Target where we camped out in the shampoo aisle.  My TBP was so distracted by all of the smells inside different shampoo & conditioner bottles, that this one aisle took 20 minutes.  It was a good thing that this trip was a “get yourself out of the house to go ANYWHERE trip” and we weren’t on a schedule.  My toddler leaning over at Trader Joe’s to smell flowers…that was sweet.  It was an endearing sight and people looked and smiled.  However, the Target on-lookers seemed to find the boy with his nose glued to several different shampoos a strange sight.  I caught a few looks and for a split second, I felt the urge to explain (to these complete strangers) my son’s sensory issues.

We have walked into restaurants, only to have my TBP plug his nose and refuse to walk in.  The first couple of times that this happened, I was horrified. How could I let my 3 year old determine where my family ate?  The thing is, that after he explains that the smell is so offensive and that another place would be much more comfortable… it is hard to argue with it.

This Mother’s Day, we are headed to brunch like many of you.  I am hoping that we can enjoy our eggs benedict without too many editorial comments.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Happy Mother’s Day!

5 thoughts on “Bionic Sense of Smell

  1. @Jill–what your nephew has is synesthesia. For the composer Sibelius sounds had colors and vice versa. He had an “F minor” stove in his house–it was green. For your nephew tastes and smells have colors. I think that’s pretty cool!

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